About Organize na Prática

We take productivity seriously.

Organize na Prática is a consulting and online school specialized in the theme of productivity and business processes automation. With offices in Toronto and São Paulo, It has developed a particular approach combining team re-education + process digitalization to streamline companies' workflows, helping operations be more agile and scalable.

Our purpose is through education to help individuals and companies to achieve better results with the use of modern technologies and agile processes

Our approach: transformation through practice, we decode the technology into something simple, effective, and easy to adopt by everyone.

Organize na Prática is a Pipefy Tier Gold accredited partner with successful national and international implementations.

Through consultancy, we've helped companies to improve processes and gain efficiency using softwares like Pipefy, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, Integromat, Evernote, etc.

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Your company can be better prepared for the new demands of the market, becoming more agile, lean, and productive.

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