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Google Chrome Extensions that you really need to know

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers because it offers high-performance tools and facilities to provide its users with the best possible experience. And did you know, that one of these possibilities is the Google Chrome extensions? Thought precisely to bring more agility and practicality to your routine.

Google Chrome extensions

Google offers a wide variety of plugins and extensions to help you improve your browser experience.

In summary, a Google Chrome extension, when added, directly affects the layout and functionality of your control panel and account. In addition, offers tools that will add even more to your routine.

They were created with the purpose of facilitating use, increasing productivity, and improving the performance of its users, regardless of the purpose for which they use the tool.

To add a Google Chrome extension is very simple. We prepared a step-by-step in the next topic, check it out.

How to add a Google Chrome extension?

To add a Gmail extension is simpler than you think. You can do it in just two steps.

1. Go to the Google Chrome Webstore and search for the extension of your interest.

2. Then, just click “Add to Chrome”, then “Add extension”, and you’re done! The extension will automatically be added to your browser, ready to be used.

Add Google Chrome Extensions

And now that you know what an extension is and how to add it, check out the following list of Google Chrome extensions that we have separated to help you make your routine more productive and organized.

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Google chrome extensions to increase your productivity

As we have seen, Google Chrome extensions are excellent tools to improve the services already offered, which can reinforce security, optimize the organization, and even help with your marketing strategies. So, check out the extensions we’ve separated for you below.

1. Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus - Google Chrome Extensions

This extension is ideal for those who use the computer to perform different tasks and that go beyond reading and sending e-mails. Checker Plus for Gmail will notify all new emails with pop-up windows in the lower right corner of your computer screen.

Each notification will show the first few lines of the email, so you can decide whether you need to respond immediately or whether the sender can wait.

In addition, one of the features of this extension is the easy-access panel where messages can be quickly read, deleted, and even answered. All this without having to access the Gmail page.

So, for you who need to manage more than one email at a time, this tool is extremely useful. Furthermore, it doesn’t restrict the number of accounts that can be managed simultaneously.

Checker Plus is also available for other tools like Google Calendar and Google Drive.

2. Google Chrome Extensions: BuzzSumo


This tool is ideal for those who have a blog or a website and want to gain insights into the performance of content posted on networks. Both your page and other people’s pages.

Through BuzzSumo you will be able to:

  • View which content is most shared;
  • Track your competitors and people who operate in the same market segment;
  • Issue reports by subject
  • Search for influential people who can promote your brand and more.

In this way, this extension of Google Chrome helps you to give visibility to your brand and increase your authority in your area of ​​expertise.

3. Click&Clean


With more than 2 million users, this extension is ideal for those who don’t want to waste time erasing or cleaning general navigation data. That is, when you keep the data in your browser, it may happen that your web experience becomes slow, causing some sites not to work.

Therefore, this Google Chrome extension deletes:

  • Addresses entered previously;
  • Cached data;
  • Cookies;
  • Registration of downloads and;
  • Browsing history.

All this with just one click, and very quickly.

4. J2TEAM Security

J2TEAM Security - Google Chrome Extensions

Are you looking for mechanisms to increase your security on the web? So, J2TEAM Security can help you.

This Google Chrome extension protects against viruses and, at the same time, allows you to customize the list of blocked addresses on your site. This extension also guarantees real-time protection and malware blocking. As well as the possibility of including HTTPS in blogs.

In addition, J2TEAM helps to preserve your privacy on social networks, as it offers the options to hide the signs that show that you viewed a message on Facebook Messenger, for example. Or even hide how long you’ve been active in the app.

5. Google Chrome Extensions: Ghostery

Do ads on websites distract you and still decrease your productivity? Don’t worry! Ghostery came to save you on this. Because it works as an ad blocker, allowing you to browse websites without interruption.

Ideal for those who are easily distracted by the ads while doing academic research or for some professional project.

In addition, Ghostery also protects your privacy, as it “disguises” your data and blocks trackers on the websites you browse. That way, you make your web experience much more enjoyable, and you can count on an excellent performance.

6. Todoist

Todoist - Google Chrome Extensions

Do you have difficulties in organizing day-to-day tasks? Don’t worry, Todoist is a to-do list extension, and it allows you to organize your day’s activities without leaving your main Gmail box, for example.

When adding the extension, a floating window with several task list options is at the bottom of the screen.

So you can increase your productivity by adding and checking important tasks quickly. Plus, the paid version includes appointment reminders so you never miss an important appointment again.

Todoist is a super simple task list, designed to help you get organized in your routine.

Whether to follow up on important projects or simply remember to pay your rent, this extension will keep you productive at all times, allowing you to manage your tasks even offline.

7. StayFocusd


There are days when “being productive” is a harder task than it really needs to be. And it happens to everyone. After all, not everyone is productive every day. It’s up to us to understand what decreases our productivity by identifying distractions.

In that sense, the StayFocusd extension can help you stay more focused at times when you need to be productive. This is because the extension limits the amount of time you can spend on certain sites that distract you easily, helping you to stay focused on the job.

Thus, when the time limit on these sites is reached, they will be blocked and inaccessible for the rest of the day. Just have the discipline to configure and maintain the settings for a more agile and productive day.

8. Boomerang

If you work with email marketing strategy or need to send proposals constantly by email, then Boomerang is the ideal extension to help you with your tasks.

With this extension, it’s possible to schedule emails, schedule messages for later, and even organize the inbox with reminders. In addition, this tool is an excellent way to ensure the efficiency of follow-ups.

That is, request that a scent message be returned to the inbox if it’s not answered by the recipient, and do so with a few clicks and very easily.

That way, you receive a reminder and can contact you again. The extension is free, however, it’s limited to 10 monthly emails.

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In conclusion, there are numerous extensions that promote improvements and add features to your browser interface and even your email, and you can choose them according to your need.

However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not a good idea to install all extensions at the same time. After all, this attitude can cause delays in your browser. Therefore, before installing, look for the best ones, the market offers numerous options for all tastes and services.

Finally, knowledge doesn’t stop here

Do you want to increase your Productivity and Organize your Personal and Business Routine using practical routines and templates?

Moreover, what about learning the essentials components to set a productivity routine? In other words, is the same techniques that help me to increase my productivity and bring efficiency to my days.

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  2. Zapier – How to Automate your Business and Gain Efficiency    
  3. Set a productivity routine – Google Calendar + Evernote + Calendly  
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What is productivity? A practical guide

Productivity is not about working hard, having influence, not even with the number of employees you have in your company. Productivity is about how each person manages their own time, performing a certain amount of quality activities. Therefore, we have prepared this practical guide explaining what productivity is and how to increase it through simple and effective tips. Check it out!

In the business world, time is the scarcest and most valuable resource. And the truth is that everyone has the same 24 hours to fill every day.

The difference is that not everyone knows how to manage this time to be able to perform all tasks, and still take the necessary breaks for the body and mind to rest, thus preserving physical and mental health.

First, knowing how to use time correctly is the best strategy to become more productive. But, before knowing how to be more productive, let’s understand what productivity is.

What is productivity?

production versus productivity

Anyone who has a business or company knows that having good levels of productivity at work, and investing in motivated and productive employees is essential to succeed and increase results. However, to find out how you can increase productivity, you need to understand what it means.

The first step is to differentiate production productivity:


It’s the volume of what is produced, that is, the quantity. For a clothing manufacturer, for example, production concerns the largest number of items to produce in the least possible time.

The production is to take all the materials and turn them into the final product, thinking only about what to do, not how to do it.


Productivity is thinking about how to do it. While production is related to quantity, productivity is related to the quality of what is produced. Those who produce a lot are not always productive.

In addition, productivity is directly related to improvements and growth for the company. It’s the way to manage time well and use the appropriate resources to facilitate production. Thus, by using the necessary tools, within an effective strategy, you can – as a consequence – produce more in less time.

In short, productivity is the ability to do more in less time, without losing quality. That is, it’s being efficient and carrying out a task with as little effort, time, or money as possible. Manage resources so that there is no unnecessary loss or waste.

Productivity can also be defined as a way of measuring efficiency. It’s prioritizing certain activities and choosing the right ways to perform the right tasks. And back to that question about preserving physical and mental health, Tony Robbins (an American author) believes that productivity focuses on the ways in which people can better manage their lives so that they have more time.

In this context, productivity can also be related to the quality of life, even in the business world.

Finally, with all these concepts in mind, check out the following topic for practical and quick tips on how to be productive.

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How to become more productive?

what is productivity and how to become more productive

Now that you know what productivity is, understand the difference between producing and being productive, you must be asking yourself: but, how to become more productive?

There are no rules or a magic formula, everything will depend on the resources you have at hand and the way you work. The same goes for a large company. Increasing productivity requires study, planning, and practice.

But, some tips are important to help you with this process. Check it out:

Make productivity a habit

First, turning productivity into a habit can help you achieve excellent results. For, like any other change in your life, productivity requires effort, constancy, and work on your part. Only then will you be able to understand how your routine works and what are the best strategies to better manage your time.

Whether through task lists, or setting priorities through an agenda, you need to develop a habit that will make you more productive. The resources are numerous, and as has been said, there is no cake recipe to follow.

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Cut your to-do list in half

It’s very common to create huge lists, and when the end of the day comes, you have the feeling of having done almost nothing. This is because you are probably wanting to do more than you really need or achieve.

Being bogged down with demands and tasks doesn’t mean having more productivity. On the contrary, having a countless list of tasks means being busy. And the busier you are, the more it shows that you don’t know how to manage your time efficiently. Chances are you will be stressed and frustrated about not being able to handle everything.

So cut your to-do list – preferably – in half. Before building your list, define what are the priorities? What needs to be done until a certain time?

Always prioritize, and if you have time left, move on to less important activities. After all, we are not production machines and we cannot spend an entire day with the same level of concentration. So when you feel your body or mind needs a break, respect it.

Pausing during the day will help to relieve stress to return with more concentration. And don’t feel guilty about taking breaks during the day. They are necessary and can help you to be more productive.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks

How to become more productive

In conclusion, productivity is also related to the way you carry out activities. Often, you have a huge list of tasks, producing all day with the feeling that you are not getting results.

So in addition to cutting your to-do list in half, it’s important to understand whether the tasks you are doing will work well.

To help you in this process you can use the 80/20 rule. Only 20% of what you do every day produces 80% of your results. So, eliminate the things that aren’t important during the day. Moreover, learn how to divide a large project into stages and try to automate repetitive tasks.

Finally, what about learning to increase your Productivity and Organize your Personal and Business Routine, in a practical and easy way?

What did you think about this content? What do you usually do to become more productive? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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Windows 10: Tips that will make your routine more productive

Do you use Windows 10 and don’t know what to do to make your routine even more productive? The latest version of the Microsoft operating system offers many possibilities and a multitude of features for its users. So, we have listed in this article 5 practical tips to make your routine more productive, check it out.

No doubt, productivity is the concept that haunts all professionals today, especially those who work with computers. Any more or less click counts time. And in the business world, we all know that time is money.

Productivity is related to the correct way you can use resources to produce more in less time.

And Windows 10 is one of the most used operating systems in the world since 2018. With its updates, the system gains little tricks and secrets that can activate some useful functions. Thus, increasing productivity in your routine.

With this in mind, we’ve separated some Windows 10 tips that will certainly make your day easier. Check it out below.

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First, customize the Windows 10 start menu

The main advantage of personalizing your start menu with the applications and programs you access most is the possibility of saving clicks and time. The menu is separated into dynamic blocks to pin applications. Thus, you can customize according to your need.

To include an application, simply search, drag, and drop to the area. Or right-click on the app you want to pin, then “Pin on the start menu”.

In addition, you can also adjust the size of the icons in the start menu. As well as grouping by categories, as in the image below.

Windows 10 - menu start

To change the name of the group, just click above the group, and type the name.

Now, if you want to resize, delete from the menu, or even uninstall the app, just click with the right mouse button and choose the option that best applies. With your personalized menu, you will certainly save precious seconds of your day.

Second, pin important apps to the Windows 10 taskbar

The taskbar is another interesting feature. Similar to the start menu, it’s possible to pin applications and files that you access every day in the bar at the bottom of your screen.

You can do this in two ways:

The first is by clicking and dragging the file or application to the taskbar. And the second is by clicking on the right mouse button, then on the pin, in “Pin to taskbar”.


The idea is to leave only those apps that you use frequently, to make your routine easier.

Third, take print without secrets

Everyone knows the famous “Print Screen” button (prt scn) on the keyboard to capture an entire screen, for example. However, the screenshot will not be saved as a file (as on your phone, for example, which already receives the image in the gallery). The capture will be copied to the clipboard. So, you will need to open an editing tool, paste, edit, and save.

To make your life easier, Windows 10 offers two different ways to print, in addition to the traditional one described above.

The first one is through the shortcut “Windows + PrtScn”. In this way, the image taken will be automatically saved in the “Screenshots” folder, which is inside the “Images” folder.


The second way is using the command “Windows + Shift + S”, which opens a selection tool, so you can choose exactly which location on the screen you want to capture. So you don’t need to open another program to edit your image.

And just like in the classic command, the capture is saved in the collage area, ready to be used or shared.

Windows 10 - Screenshot

Fourth, decrease distractions

When we talk about productivity, one of the tips that can help you become more productive is precisely this: reduce distractions while you are at work.

To help you, in April 2018 Windows 10 received an update that included Focus Assist as one of its tools. This way, you can control how many notifications you receive on the screen. You can even choose not to receive notifications on the screen.

Windows 10 - Focus assist

To configure, just follow the step by step below:

1. Go to the settings, then click on system and, finally, on Focus Assist, or focus assistant.

2. Choose from three options:

  • Disabled (so you get all notifications from your apps and contacts);
  • Priority only (receive only notifications selected from a list customized by you);
  • Alarms only (hide all notifications, except for alarms).

In addition, it is also possible to schedule this feature for certain hours of the day. Ideal if you use your computer for personal, professional, and academic purposes.

Fifth, start talking instead of typing

Speech recognition has always been a positive point of Microsoft, and it comes with everything in Windows 10. If you have a busy routine, hold many meetings, this feature can be a great ally.

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In this sense, you can use the dictation function to convert spoken words to text anywhere and any application on your Windows 10 computer. The feature is already installed in the operating system, that is, there is no need to download or install any other program. Check out how this is possible:

To start dictating, select the text field in the app you want and press the “Windows + H” keys to open the audio toolbar. And when you don’t want to dictate anymore, just stop talking or say “stop dictation”.

Speech recognition - Windows 10

The function is ideal for when you need to conduct an interview, it facilitates and a lot when transcribing. The only downside is that you will need to include punctuation manually.

Finally, knowledge doesn’t stop there. What do you think about learning – objectively and through practical situations – how to organize and create new routines that will increase your productivity?

What did you think about this content? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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Google Workspace: what is it?

Google Workspace – formerly called G suite – is the corporate package from Google that offers great resources and tools for you to work efficiently and productively. Therefore, in this article, you will learn what is and how you can use Google Workspace to transform your personal and professional life positively. Good reading!

Google Workspace X Gmail

First, let’s understand the difference between Google Workspace and Gmail so that you can use all the features that the company offers.

Gmail is one of the most used email platforms worldwide, being available in the free and paid version (more professional). And it’s in the paid version that you can find all the features of Google Workspace.

In addition, Gmail is exclusively for email and has features similar to the professional and paid version. Being them:

  • Highly organized email inbox;
  • Spam filter;
  • Drive;
  • Schedule;
  • Google Docs;
  • Meet (videoconference application), among others.

In summary, both offer excellent tools to organize your professional and personal life in minutes. The difference is that Google Workspace offers even more possibilities. So, check out what those possibilities are in the next topic.

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Google Workspace: what is it?

In summary, Google Workspace is a corporate package from Google that offers great resources and tools for you to work efficiently and productively. Formerly called “G Suite”, it now has a new look and has many features to increase the productivity of teamwork

It’s an effective tool for companies that are looking for an information technology structure to optimize company processes.

That’s a Google solution, with numerous possibilities, including the removal of ads, leaving your work environment even more professional and without distractions. In addition, it allows access to specific resources for employee management and data protection.

Right after, check out the main advantages of paying for Google Workspace services and what each plan offers.

Advantages of paying for Google Workspace

When paying for services, Google Workspace offers even more features, a more comprehensive administration panel and countless possibilities for professionals.

Not only that, it also allows the use of an email address with a personalized domain to add even more value to your brand. In addition, it offers greater storage space. That is, manage all documents, meeting minutes, company employee files all in one place.

In detail, check below all the features that each of the three plans offer.

1. Business Starter

The plan is available for $6 monthly and offers:

  • Corporate e-mail;
  • Meet (own application for videoconferences and voice calls);
  • Chat (for you to communicate with your team);
  • Shared agenda;
  • 30 GB of Drive storage
  • Spreadsheets, documents and presentations;
  • Forms for creating surveys;
  • Website creator;
  • Keep (application for shared notes);
  • Currents (application to assess employee engagement and receive feedback);
  • 24 hour support
  • Advanced protection program
  • Device management, and many more.

2. Business Standard

Available for $12 monthly. Includes the features offered in the Business Starter plan and more:

  • Unlimited storage or 2 TB per user;
  • Cloud Search (intelligent search system in G Suite);
  • 150 participant video meetings + recording
  • Security and management controls
  • As well as the possibility of receiving audit reports to track and analyze users’ activities.

3. Business Plus

This plan is available for $18 monthly. It makes available all the resources listed in the other plans, in addition to the resources below:

  • Access control using a security key;
  • 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking
  • 5 TB cloud storage per user
  • Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Prevention of data loss in Gmail and Drive;
  • Cloud Identity Premium (to manage users, devices, and applications).

4. Enterprise

Finally, this package has no set price. According to Google, it’s necessary to contact the company to verify values. Probably because it’s a package that will meet your specific demands.
In it, you will find all the resources available in the previous plan and more, such as, for example:

  • 250 participant video meetings + recording, attendance tracking, noise cancellation, in-domain live-streaming done.
  • As much storage as you need to be done.
  • Advanced security, management, and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management, and more.

Would you like to have access to all these features at a 20% discount after the 14-day trial period? Click here.

How to use Google Workspace for your business

Keep your team informed

You already know what Google Workspace is and what the features are when purchasing one of the plans. Thus, to end the presentation of this Google solution, we will list for you the advantages of using Google Workspace to control your company’s processes.

Among all the features listed throughout this article, both in the paid version and in the free version, Google Workspace offers numerous management possibilities for your company. Check it out below.

Manage the service in a practical and efficient way

In general, this solution allows you or the administrator to control all company information and everything that passes through the platform. Thus, in case it’s necessary to disconnect an employee, all that information fed, whether it’s an exchange of emails, documents and appointments, will remain within the company in a safe and effective manner.

Certainly, a beautiful tool, isn’t it?

In addition, the administrator is able to check everything that goes through the platform and analyze all the activities of the employees, being able to be attentive to any changes, and also to bonuses for team performance.

Google Workspace offers more security for your company

The Business Standard and Business Plus plans have the Vault service. That is, a service that allows the configuration of retention rules for important information, such as articles, conversations, appointments and e-mails.

This means that even if someone deletes an email manually, for example, the Vault service allows you to recover.

Share the agenda with the entire team

G Suite - Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a feature available in both the free and paid versions. However, the Google Workspace version brings even more possibilities.

With the calendar, you can share your important company commitments with your team. Similarly, it even allows you to invite team members to meetings, book appointments on the calendar so that your team can contact you, among others.

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Take the opportunity to know our complete training. Click here and learn how to Organize Your Calendar Practically and Effectively using Google Calendar.

Keep your team informed about the project through videoconference

Finally, Google Workspace offers a practical and effective solution for conducting videoconferences, in addition to initiating group or individual conversations.

The proposal is to keep your team fully integrated to the company’s processes. Likewise, keep your team informed about the details and the progress of the company’s projects.

As a result, if you’ve made it this far, then you must have already chosen between the paid version and the free version to manage your business.

In addition, with the changes, it will now be possible to start a new virtual document within a chat room, with the active collaboration of the team.

Are you a professional and can’t afford a more advanced service? Don’t worry! Gmail already has many features for you to manage your activities effectively. After all, what counts are your intention to optimize your tasks.

On the other hand, if you have a team, we recommend the services of Google Workspace to make a skilled integration of the team and a more effective organization of the company, making your routine more productive and keeping all the processes and your projects at your fingertips.

Finally, what did you think about this content? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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  4. Organize na Pratica – Courses

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Google Docs tricks that almost nobody knows

Google Docs is a text editor that works in the browser and brings several features and tools little known to users. In this way, we gathered in this material, 7 Google Docs tricks that can be very useful in your routine, especially for you who work frequently with the software.

In summary, Google Docs is software that offers the user the main tools to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without the need to install any program on their computer.

Moreover, it’s a completely free platform, and to use it just login, or create a Google account. Certainly, you already use all the tools of Google Docs, but do you know all the resources that can make your personal, professional, and academic life more practical?

With this in mind, we’ve separated 7 Google Docs tricks you need to know. Check it out below.

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1. Google Drive Tricks: Create a document with a shortcut

Many people open the main Google Docs page to start creating a document. However, be aware that it’s possible to insert a shortcut in your browser – in the address bar – to further facilitate your access to a new document. For this, just:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type the shortcut:,, or
  3. 3. Press Enter, and automatically your blank document will appear, ready to be created.
1. Create a document with a shortcut

To make it even easier, save these commands to your favorites bar. That way, you will have access to the document with just one click.

The shortcut is ideal, especially when you need to make a quick note and save. After all, as soon as you start typing, the content is immediately saved to your Google account and can be checked as many times as you want through your list of documents.

2. Google Docs tricks: Recover accidentally deleted text

If you accidentally deleted some text, know that you can use the document’s version history in Google Docs to retrieve the changes. To do this, just follow the step-by-step below:

  1. Go to the menu, and click on “File”.
  2. Then click on “Version History” and choose the option you want.
2. Recover accidentally deleted text

The software will automatically show a series of versions categorized based on the number of changes made to the document. Thus, it’s possible to recover the text that you have lost by mistake.

For sure, this is one of the most amazing Google Docs tricks. Especially when the file is shared with a team.

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3. Track your word count

Google Docs recently added the option to see your word count increase or decrease in real-time. This feature can help you have better control of your work. Mainly for you who need to create content, or deliver work with a maximum (or minimum) number of words.

To activate this function, just follow the step-by-step below. Check it out:

1. Go to the menu and choose “Tools”

2. Click “Word Count”.

Track your word count 1

3. Then check the “Display word count while typing” box.

Track your word count 2

4. Finally, click “OK”, and the count will automatically appear in the left corner. Other information, such as characters and page number, will also appear.

Track your word count 3

4. Create a personal dictionary

One of the Google Docs tricks that can save precious seconds of your day is the possibility to create a personal dictionary. In other words, Google Docs allows the user to include words that he usually uses in a personal dictionary, in cases where the spelling checker doesn’t recognize some terms as marks or proper names.

To add words to your personal dictionary, follow the step-by-step below:

1. Open the Google Docs document.

2. Click on “Tools”, then on “Spelling and Grammar”. Then, click on “Personal Dictionary”.

4. Create a personal dictionary 1

3. Type the word you want to include in your dictionary, and click “OK”. Repeat the process for each new word you want to add.

4. Create a personal dictionary 2

5. Google Docs tricks: Organize texts from titles

Very long text can be organized into titles and subtitles so that you can create an automatic index on the side of your Google Docs.

This makes it easy to read an important topic, without having to manually search for the topic.

To activate the index, follow the step-by-step below:

1. Format the document using the title tool, according to hierarchy.

Organize texts from titles - Google Docs Tricks

2. When finished, check that on the left side, Google Docs will automatically show the organized content, and will allow you to browse the document with just one click.

Organize texts from titles 2 - Google Docs Tricks

Very simple, isn’t it?

Certainly, this is one of the Google Docs tricks that will save you a lot of time and energy.

6. Move paragraphs in a block using the “drag and drop” tool.

Everyone knows the “drag and drop” tool available on many apps and platforms. Google Docs is no different. This command is useful to facilitate the editing of text in blocks and long text.

So when it comes to moving entire paragraphs in your document, instead of using the classic “copy and paste”, follow these steps:

  1. Mark the paragraph you want to move.
  2. Hold the Shift + Alt keys and use the arrow keys to move the entire position. Another alternative is to select the paragraph with the mouse. That is, hold with the left mouse button, and drag it to where you want to move it. It’s very simple. The blue line will indicate where the text will fit if you release it in a certain location. As in the image below.
Google Docs Tricks - Move paragraphs

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7. Use the brush tool to quickly format

Last but not least, one of the great tricks of Google Docs is the formatting tool that can be used to quickly apply formatting to various selections of text.

That is, the painting tool helps to replicate a specific format for any other part of the content, in a very simple way. Check it out below:

  1. Click on the edited text, then click the paint roller icon on the toolbar.
  2. Finally, just select the text you want to apply the formatting to, and you’re done! The format is copied to the selected text in just two clicks.
Google Docs Trips - paint format

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Reference material 

  1. YouTube Channel. – Personal and Business Productivity
  2. Organize your Calendar Practically and Effectively using Google Calendar. – Click here to know more about it.
  3.  Organize na Pratica. – Courses
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Evernote Tips: save and edit images

Evernote is considered one of the most incredible tools today. Especially for those users who want to keep their files and ideas in order. Still, not many know all the resources. With that in mind, we’ve separated this article some Evernote tips that are just awesome, check it out.

Organization and technology

Some people still prefer the old habit of taking notes in notebooks or paper notes. Or to organize your documents and images in local folders, inside other folders. But, we are in a digital age, where technological solutions have been created to make our lives much more practical.

In this sense, having a good productivity app on your computer or on your cell phone is an excellent way to make your routine more productive.

Organization and technology

That’s why Evernote is one of the best note-taking and organizing apps today. Well, it helps you to keep your life organized, regardless of the area we are talking about. Whether in your professional, academic, and/or personal life, Evernote can handle everything.

With this in mind, we have separated some Evernote tips that are essential if you are the type of user who values practicality and a more organized routine. Check out the following tips.

Evernote Tips: notebooks and notes

If you are used to organizing yourself through folders, and within more folders, it’s high time to simplify your structure and bring more agility to your routine. That way, if you don’t know Evernote yet, click here and sign up for free.

This tool can help you easily find what you are looking for through the search tool instead of browsing through countless folders.

To exemplify: do you remember the school days, when school binders were a trend, and each partition meant a different subject?

Evernote works the same way. Within each notebook, you will include all related material. They can be handwritten or typed notes, scanned documents, attached files, images, and more.

Let’s assume that you need to archive the material that will help you with a college or work project. You can create a notebook with the name of the project, and within this notebook, you create different notes for each material, one for e-books, another for general notes. It’s also possible to include links and clippings from other sites.

Moreover, it’s ideal for organizing the links of a scientific project, for example. This avoids getting lost when making the bibliography.

You can also create a system for organizing images and documents in some cloud storage system, for example, and include links to materials as needed. If you need to send more than one link to customers or colleagues, you can include them all in a note in Evernote, and share only that note, instead of sending multiple links.

That is, you can make your Evernote a kind of portfolio or dossier. Sharing information and files has never been easier, has it?

Evernote tips - notebooks and notes

Evernote Tips: Edit, cut, and share images

Finally, this feature will surprise you. One of Evernote’s features is the ability to edit, crop, and share images in a few minutes, within the app itself.

Let’s imagine that you are selling a car, and you need to send a photo of the car by email to a certain person who is interested. But, so that there are no problems, you want to hide your card.

You can also edit the photos to include on a shopping and sales website, and so on.

But, the question is: did you know that it’s possible to include the “blurry” effect on the license plate through the Evernote app? Yes! It’s possible, and this is just an example. Because, it’s not only possible to include this effect, but it’s also possible to write on the photo, signal some important aspect and even crop the image.

This feature is also very useful when you need to send a scanned document. That is when you need to send a document by e-mail, and you need to hide some specific information.

All this with the benefits of archiving in the app, organizing through tags and sharing, without having to take up more local space.

Do you want to learn in practice? Mauricio Aizawa recorded this Evernote resource in an amazing video lesson with free access for you. Check out the following video:


In conclusion, with these practical tips for organizing and editing images, we can see how the Evernote system is useful and very simple to use. Everything works through files and folders, as in your local storage, the difference is that you can count on the cloud to save space and find what you need much faster.

In addition, the tag system is very useful, and contributes to an organization better suited to your routine, making it easy to find what you need and when you need it.

Plus, you can include an internal Evernote link to link multiple notes. Ideal for large professional projects.

Finally, Knowledge doesn’t stop here

Every week we prepare free and quality content to bring more practicality to your routine. So also read:

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Organize your routine with Evernote

Certainly, when you invest in an organized routine, it becomes easier to work. In addition, it’s easier to understand what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. In other words, you have more control over your demands. This way, we have separated in this article some tips on how you can organize your routine using Evernote.

Organize your routine using Evernote

In summary, most people know Evernote as a note application. However, the app offers so many features that it’s possible to use creativity and dare in terms of possibilities. That way, you achieve a more productive and much more efficient routine.

What if you had a single place to organize your demands, documents, and emails? Evernote can be this tool, simple and very easy-to-use.

Evernote it’s a system for the organization of personal, professional, and organizational information, through a file of notes. In addition, it can be used for various functions. Ideal for anyone who deals with information all day and needs to organize it efficiently.

In this sense, check out the tips that we have separated for you on how you can organize your routine using Evernote. Check it out below.

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Organizing dates, reminders, and formatting

With the Evernote app, you can not only organize information but also create a task list, meeting minutes, and add reminders of an event, for example. In addition, the app also allows you to enter your deadlines, dates, and more, and it’s possible to include the information in different formats, separated by:

  • Fonts with different shapes, sizes, and colors;
  • Highlights of different colors;
  • Bold, italic or underlined;
  • Checkboxes, and more.

This variety of possibilities is ideal for creating schedules, taking notes of meetings, organizing study notes, among others.

See how simple it’s. We will exemplify using the web version of Evernote. Check the step-by-step below:

  1. Open your Evernote and log in.
  2. Create a new blank note or from some template.
new note - organize your routine with Evernote

3. Edit using the toolbar, as shown in the image below.

Evernote tools

Read more: Evernote: paper notes X digital notes

Organize your study routine with Evernote

In the so-called digital age that we find ourselves in, notebooks and countless handwritten note files can be easily replaced by note apps, and cloud storage systems. Are you looking for a safe place to store all your study material?

Evernote offers this possibility for you. With it, you can attach files, record audios, take photos and even write freehand.

Organize your studies routine

Don’t waste any more time trying to write down everything the teacher says. Ask for permission, and start recording lessons so that you can listen again later.

The same goes for all the notes that the teacher makes on the board. Take a picture and file in the note where all the information for the day is.

You can create a notebook for each subject. Or a notebook for each year, and several notes for each subject, categorizing them from the tags.

In the notes, you can separate by year, semester, teacher, subject, and even date, in case you need to remember any specific information passed on the day.

Then, when the exams are scheduled, or when you decide to study some subject, just use the search tool to find the materials you need to review.

To make your search easier, use a standard of tags, so you will know how to search the moment you need to review your notes.

Organize and save emails using Evernote

Finally, know that you can organize your inbox and save emails to read later. Or save emails for when you need specific information. As well as, you can categorize your emails from labels to find them easier in Evernote when you need them.

But, how is this possible?

There is an application called “Evernote Web Clipper”. It’s available for both the web version, as an extension in the browser. As for the mobile application (Android and iOS), if you use your Evernote on the mobile.

To be able to save complete emails and organize them within Evernote, just follow the step-by-step below.

On your computer:

1. Install the Evernote Web Clipper extension in your browser.

2. Open your email, and then, the email you would like to save, with important information.

3. Go to the bar where your extensions are in the browser and click on the green elephant, the Evernote icon.

4. Finally, a window will appear with options for you to choose the notebook where you want to archive your email, as well as the capture format.

Evernote Web Clipper

On your mobile:

On the mobile version, the process works in much the same way. The difference is that, when installing the Evernote Web Clipper app, as soon as you open your email, the app’s icon will appear in the email itself.

To facilitate your learning, Mauricio Aizawa prepared a video to teach you how to organize your routine with Evernote. In this video he focuses on how to save emails from your cell phone, making your life more practical and more productive. Check it out below:

You don’t know Evernote yet, but were you interested in using the platform?

Evernote is simple and very intuitive. There is no right way to organize, but there is your way. Do it the way that works best for you. I’m sure the gains will be in productivity and efficiency for your routine.

Finally, was this article useful for you? Leave your opinion in the comments. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends on your social networks.

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Time management: know these techniques and streamline your routine

Good time management can have a positive impact on your routine, helping you to become more agile and productive. In addition, it’s possible to reduce the feeling of pressure and keep tasks on schedule. With this in mind, we have prepared this material to explain everything you need to know about good time management.

Read until the end, because we will teach you 4 amazing techniques to help you optimize your routine.

How many times have you imagined how ideal it would be if the day had 48 hours? Thus, you would be able to handle all your daily tasks. But, have you ever stopped to think that the problem may be in how you manage time, and not how many hours you have in a day?

The truth is that we have enough time to complete our routine, what is missing is an appropriate way to manage this time.

According to Time Management, it is possible to organize and plan the routine and still consider unexpected events. But before we get down to business, let’s understand what time management is.

What is time management?

what is time management

In short, time management is the process of organizing and planning how time should be divided between the various activities of a routine. That is, time management concerns the amount of time spent to perform your day’s task.

Good time management requires a change in the focus that is given both to activities and to the results achieved. Being busy is not synonymous with being productive.

After all, how much time and energy do you spend in a day to perform various tasks, and at the end of the day, you didn’t complete any? This is because you are probably dividing yourself between all your countless tasks, rather than focusing on one task at a time.

So, time management means:

  • Time spent in the right places to perform the right tasks;
  • Know the priorities, your obligations and work with a list of tasks;
  • Manage time spent in the professional environment, and also in all other areas of your life.

In other words, time management doesn’t mean finding ways to work harder, but, making the right use of the time you have.

Below are the advantages of performing good time management.

Advantages of Time Management

Now that you know the concept of time management, understand why it’s important to invest in good time management in your life. We separated a list, check it out:

  • Reduce stress;
  • Prevent surprises and increase the ability to deal with unforeseen circumstances;
  • Increase productivity, and consequently, the number of tasks performed;
  • Reduces the risks of rework when investing in a more organized routine;
  • More free time to dedicate to your family and your hobbies;
  • Less time and energy wasted;
  • More opportunities arise;
  • More time for what is really important. After all, managing time also means dedicating more time to tasks that require more attention;

Managing your own time properly, directly impacts your entire life. Its main objective is to increase productivity. That is, improving your ability to produce more, better, and in less time.

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In addition, good time management helps you in making decisions, and connecting with course deadlines, giving you clarity about what needs to be done.

That way, we’ve separated incredible time management techniques so you can apply and start enjoying all these benefits today. Check it out in the next topic.

Time Management Techniques

Disorganization and procrastination are two of the great villains of time management. And to escape these obstacles, there are some techniques that can help you. We list the top 4, check it out:

1. Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro time management technique was developed in the late 1980s by an Italian university student named Francesco Cirillo. He was looking for an effective way to increase his productivity in his studies.

For this, he used a kitchen timer in the shape of a tomato (or “Pomodoro”, in Italian), and rotated for 25 minutes, making a noise at the end of that period.

In these 25 minutes, Francesco keeps concentrated on his tasks, without any interruption, remaining 100% focused.

The technique is based on dividing the workflow into blocks of intense concentration, ensuring greater stimulation of our brain. To put the technique into practice you will need:

  • a stopwatch, timer, or app;
  • and a list of tasks.

The task list will help you to define what needs to be done in your workday or studies.

Then you will divide your time into 25-minute periods, and work with full focus, without interruptions or distractions in those periods.

When the 25-minute period ends and your alarm sounds, take a 5-minute break. During this break you can take the time to do things that are not related to the most important task, such as: taking a coffee, making a call, going to the bathroom, where it’s even worth browsing social networks (just be careful not to exceed 5 minutes)

Every 4 cycles of 30 minutes (that is, 25 minutes of activity and 5 minutes of break), take a longer break between 15 and 30 minutes to certify oxygenation in your brain, reduce stress and overload. These breaks are important to increase mental alertness.

2. GTD technique

GTD or Getting Things Done is a technique that assumes that having greater control and clarity over what you are doing allows you to achieve better results and in less time.

For this, you need to clear your mind, recording somewhere everything you need to do. It can be in an app, a physical calendar, or a whiteboard in your office. That way, your mind is free to fully focus on performing your tasks.

This technique is divided into 5 steps:

  1. Collect: write down on a paper everything that needs to be done.
  2. Process: analyze the degree of priority and the order in which they will be made.
  3. Organize: separate the tasks according to the similarities between them and create an action plan.
  4. Execute: it’s time to focus and get your hands dirty. It’s time to “Getting Things Done”.
  5. Review: resume your work to mark what has already been done, and check if nothing important is left behind.

The idea is to make a real list, not a huge list, with tasks that you know you won’t be able to handle, even if you work 20 hours a day.

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3. GUT technique or process prioritization matrix

This technique is an easy-to-use and simple to understand tool that helps in the process of prioritizing problems and internal situations.

In other words, the matrix is ​​used to classify each problem that you consider pertinent to your routine from the point of view of gravity (of the problem), of the urgency (of solving it), and of the tendency (of it to worsen quickly or slowly).

The idea is to distribute grades from 1 to 5 for each of your demands and activities. And start with the highest grade tasks. To help you determine grades, use the following criteria:

  • Gravity: 5 is extremely serious, and 1 is non-serious.
  • Urgency: where 5 means immediate action is needed and 1 is the activity or demand for waiting.
  • Tendency: 5 will get worse quickly if an action is not taken and 1 nothing will happen.

4. Kanban time management method

Kanban system

Finally, the Kanban method consists of grouping tasks in a table, separating and sorting them by lists. At first, this method was created as a project management technique and is used in most applications like Asana, Trello, Click Up, and Pipefy, for example.

Through this method, it’s possible to be clear about which stage each part of the project is at. But, there is a simpler version of this technique that can be used to facilitate time management.

What you need to do is write each task on a card or post-it (manually or in an app) and change its place in the general board, according to its progress.

This technique is ideal for you who work with long processes, or if your activities involve several tasks. Moreover, it’s an ideal time management and organization tool.

In this general framework you can create lists such as “to do”, “in progress” and “completed”. This is the best technique to get an overview of how your progress is doing throughout the week.

In conclusion, what did you think of these techniques? Leave your comments in the comments. Don’t forget to share this content on your social networks.

Finally, what about learning the essentials components to set a productivity routine?

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Evernote features: never more forget your passwords

Evernote is an excellent tool for anyone who works with texts, notes, and information all the time. In addition, it offers complete resources to make your routine more productive and efficient. With that in mind, we’ve separated three incredible Evernote features to make your experience even more positive.

One of these tips even involves a powerful password management feature. This way, you will never forget your passwords again when you store them securely in Evernote. Read on to learn how.

In short, Evernote has become the favorite app for people looking for an easy-to-use, intuitive, and productivity-enhancing platform. Available for mobile phones and computers, Evernote offers the flexibility to create notes separated by notebooks. As well as include text formatted with colors, in lists or tables, with attachments or drawings and written by hand.

It also offers incredible organization and categorization features.

With that in mind, we’ve separated three tips with three Evernote features to further improve your experience with the tool. Prepare your app and have a good reading!

1. Evernote features: Organize the toolbar

Did you know that it’s possible to make Evernote usability even easier?

One of Evernote’s features is the possibility to organize that side toolbar so that it’s even more practical for you. However, this feature is only available on the desktop version (Windows or Mac).

To access this feature is very simple. Just follow the 3 steps below:

1. Open the version of the Evernote application on your desktop.

2. To open the option to customize the toolbar, right-click on the top bar. Then just click on “customize toolbar…”.

customize toolbar

3. A screen with options will appear. To configure, just click on the icon, drag and drop on the bar to include. You can include all the tools or just the ones you use most.

Evernote features - customize toolbar 2

2. Capture web pages with a few clicks

This resource is incredible for those who like to read articles on the web, for those who study. Or even for those who like to organize their reading routine.

Today, many companies invest in quality content (content marketing) to attract consumers and teach the public about a certain subject. As a result, content sites, which were already a reality, are increasingly being visited and used as a source of research and learning.

Many sites teach on various topics, which depending on your goals, are a real tool to complement your studies. And even new learnings to grow professionally.

As is the case with Organize in Practice. On our blog, every week, we invest in content with tips about productivity, organization, and efficiency to make your personal and professional routine more agile.

But, unfortunately, with so many activities, we don’t have time to read all the available content every time. And we often find quality material that we would like to save to read later. But, know that with Evernote it’s possible.

Through the extension of the app (Evernote Web Clipper), it’s possible to save web pages, take screenshots and even save that part of the content that is interesting for you, to review later.

Learn how to do this in 3 real easy steps:

1. Install the Evernote Web Clipper extension in your browser.

Evernote web clipper - 1

2. Open the web page you want to save the information or the entire page. Right-click, hover your mouse over the Evernote icon. Then choose the option that will suit your goal.

Evernote web clipper - 2

3. Right after, as soon as you choose, a new note will automatically be created with the captured content.

In addition, a small options screen will appear in the right corner of the screen, you can choose the option “Display in Evernote” to configure. And some related notes will appear. You can click on these notes to save the capture there, or go to the app to save and edit your new note.

With a few clicks, the content will be saved and stored for later consultation.

Certainly, this is one of the best resources, especially for you who are looking for an organization system for studies or to organize your content.

3. Evernote features: manage your passwords to never forget

Do you register on all the sites and apps that refer you? Do most of them you use or did you just stop using them because you forgot your password?

Amazon, Netflix, bank accounts, various emails, work computers, cloud systems passwords, and much more. There are so many passwords that sometimes it’s difficult to keep them in memory, mainly because each website and each service has a specific rule to include passwords such as uppercase letters, lowercase letters, a special character, and so on.

What if you had a single safe place to store your passwords, having to record only one master password? Imagine how much time you would save if you didn’t have to do, every time you forget, the password recovery process.

Evernote can also help you with this in a very simple way.

It’s possible to encrypt the information in a note to ensure security, and to prevent any person or system from breaking into your passwords. See how simple it’s in the following step-by-step:

1. This feature is only valid for the desktop version of Evernote. So, download the version on your computer. It’s available for Linux, Windows and Mac. Soon after, log in.

2. Next, create a note with the main accounts, and the main passwords that you need to remember, and save them.

3. Right after, select the password, that is, the information you want to encrypt. Right-click on the selected information and choose the option “Encrypt selected text …”.

encrypt selected text - Evernote

4. Finally, just include the password you defined as the master password and select “ok”. The password will automatically be locked.

 encrypt - 2

To reveal the blocked information, just click on the code, enter your unique password and your password will automatically be opened.

Very simple, isn’t it?

Learn in practice

How about learning the previous resource, in practice? Mauricio Aizawa, a productivity expert, prepared an incredible video.

Watch, apply to your routine, and never more forget your passwords.

Check out the following video:

Furthermore, knowledge doesn’t stop there. Every week we provide quality content to make your routine more productive and efficient. Thus, read more:

In conclusion, how about creating a free Evernote account?

Finally, what did you think about this content? How do you usually manage your passwords? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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How to automate customer feedback

We all know that customer feedback is important to business success. But, do you have an adequate and efficient way to collect, and even automate customer feedback? This way, in this article, we will introduce you to some excellent tools to help you automate your processes. Check it out!

First, it’s necessary to understand that feedbacks are great opportunities offered by customers so that companies can evolve and personalize their products and/or services according to the real needs of customers. If they accept to help through positive or negative evaluation, it’s because they believe that your company has the potential to raise its level of service.

With this in mind, check out the main advantages of customer feedback below.

Why customer feedback is important?

If you browse just a few minutes on any social service network, or a company website, you will find a list of customer feedback.

Let’s imagine the following situation: you need to hire a service, and when doing your research you find three companies in your region that are excellent. One has some negative reviews, another has only positive reviews, and the other doesn’t even bother to collect customer’s feedback. Which of the three companies will you contact first?

We all know that customer feedback is important not only for those who reach your company. But also an excellent form of free disclosure, the famous word of mouth. But, for a customer to indicate your company, he needs to have a good buying and support experience.

Thinking about it, we separated some advantages in betting on collecting customer feedback, check it below.

Avoid cancellations or dissatisfaction

Customer satisfaction is paramount to the organization’s success. After all, customers are the lifeblood of the business, without them there is no one to sell for, right?

Therefore, one of the advantages of contacting the customer to collect evaluations, through the post-sales process, is to avoid dissatisfaction.

When you question the customer about the experience he had from the purchase, he feels welcomed. This also avoids possible cancellations, since you are available to receive criticism and also improve your services or products.

Therefore, don’t wait for the customer to cancel a purchase to understand the reasons that led him to make this decision. Hence, the importance of always listening to him, and getting in touch as soon as the deal is concluded.

But it’s not enough to just hear and file the complaint. Give solutions, and if possible, offer a discount on an upcoming purchase. That way, in addition to improving the customer experience, you leave an open door for a new negotiation.

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Strengthen the company’s image and increase the chances of “word of mouth marketing”

Second, a company that is open and available to receive criticism and suggestions establishes a positive image with its public.

Likewise, companies that manage to extract their strategies based on customer feedback, strengthen their brand, and preference with customers, increasing the chances of getting disseminates of your brand through the famous “word of mouth marketing”.

Establish a good relationship and more credibility

customer feedback

Third, customer feedback is also an excellent way to improve customer relationships. This is because the customer feels that their opinion has been considered. In addition, he believes that his opinion has contributed in some way to better the service or to solve a specific problem.

Feedbacks can also be used to align your customers’ expectations with company employees. Choose the best and the most relevant feedback with your team, and meet often to talk and evaluate what needs to be improved. It’s also important to expose positive reviews about employees.

In this way, there will also be gains in relation to trust, as the client knows that he can count on the company not only about the type of service the company offers, but also to express his dissatisfaction, his satisfaction, or even solve a problem related to the attendance.

Therefore, by providing relationship channels so that the customer can provide feedback, it will reinforce positive aspects of the company’s image, such as credibility and transparency.

Finally, customer feedback should become part of the company’s culture. See below how simple it’s to implement a feedback system in your business.

Customer feedback with Google Forms

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to create forms to collect customer feedback is with Google Forms.

In short, as the name implies, it’s a search and data collection administration application that is included in the Google Drive package or G Suite.

With it, you can conduct academic research, facilitate marketing work, collect feedback. In addition, in a simple way, it’s even possible to capture leads, and much more.

Creating a form is very simple. Anyone with a Gmail account can create one in minutes. Just access Google Drive, click on “new”, then on Google Forms. As in the image below.

Google Forms

Creating a form is very simple because the platform offers the same ease as Google through a very intuitive interface.

Gathering customer feedback just got easier. This way, you avoid the accumulation of paperwork or inefficient and laborious collection processes.

To make your job even easier, it’s possible to generate a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with the acquired answers. However, we will teach you a more practical and automated way to organize feedbacks using two other tools: Zapier and ActiveCampaign.

To gain access, Mauricio Aizawa prepared an incredible video with a class. Check it out below:

Read more: Zapier: streamline business processes

What about starting to automating your routine and facilitate processes with Zapier?

Finally, what did you think about this content? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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