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  • How to automate customer feedback

    How to automate customer feedback

    We all know that customer feedback is important to business success. But, do you have an adequate and efficient way to collect, and even automate customer feedback? This way, in this article, we will introduce you to some excellent tools to help you automate your processes. Check it out! First, it’s necessary to understand that […]

  • Zapier: Streamline business processes

    Zapier: Streamline business processes

    Systems can positively influence the success of your business. Much has been said about process automation, and Zapier is an intelligent system that has several advantages, including streamline business processes and making your organization more productive and focused on results. That way, we will describe in this article how you can simplify the processes to […]

  • Zapier: what is it and how to use

    Zapier: what is it and how to use

    Technology is the basis for task automation. With technology, it’s possible to optimize and automate tasks that don’t require any human intervention. Therefore, investing in Zapier can be an excellent strategy to boost your company’s productivity and results. Check out in this article what is Zapier and what are the main benefits. What is Zapier? As technology evolves and the digital market grows, solutions emerge in order to make work processes faster and more dynamic.  In short, entrepreneurs and employees daily deal with […]