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Learn to handle with customers requests easily

How about learning to control how you receive customer demands? How good would it be if you have a single system to focus on all your customer requests? In this article, you will learn how to use a form that will help you to centralize and handle customers’ requests in a quick and practical way.

Responding to customers’ requests is one of the most effective ways to provide good service. After all, for whom does your company’s heart beat faster? If the answer is your customers, then we understand that it’s necessary to focus efforts to serve them well.

The customer service and the support sector are one of the most important areas of the company. This means that controlling demands is a fundamental task for the company.

In other words, investing in strategies and tools to facilitate processes is fundamental to the company’s success.

It was with this in mind that we prepared this article for you.

Firstly, let’s list 3 essential tips to help you improve your company’s customer service. And in the end, a simple and smart way to deal with customer demands. Check it out and have a good reading!

1. Invest in team preparation and training

Quality service goes through the good performance of the professionals involved in the service and support sector. Moreover, it’s necessary to train and prepare the team so that they can serve well and with quality.

This involves making the team aware of the importance of meeting request deadlines and meeting customer expectations as much as possible.

This process is important from the moment a request arrives at the delivery of responses and results to the client.

With prepared professionals, you have the chance to significantly increase the success and results of the company. In this way, you will guarantee satisfaction, growth in sales or requests, and, consequently, increased profits.

The better the customer is served, the greater the chances of him indicating your company.

Likewise, an unprepared team can delay processes and still make mistakes that are difficult to repair.

2. Focus on agile service and customer satisfaction

Even if you have a prepared team, it’s not always possible to meet customer requests as quickly as possible. Often, problems and requests demand a longer solution, which can lead to some initial dissatisfaction.

Moreover, it’s extremely important that you work with patience and transparency.

Keep in mind that, when receiving customers requests, you need to define the minimum and maximum service terms. And make this information clear to the entire team.

Find solutions to improve service that will bring agility and speed to the process. Look for ways to collect the information and quickly identify what the problem is.

In addition, working with transparency also means making it clear to the customer everything that will happen in relation to their request. And however difficult the demand may be, this attitude will strengthen the relationship and the feeling of customer satisfaction.

3. Create a feedback system to improve the process of customers requests

create a feedback system

Finally, create a feedback system. Only with this system, you will be able to measure success or failure in operations.

After each request is answered, create a quick form, preferably with quick responses. By doing this, you increase the chance of being able to optimize your service process.

When a customer identifies failures in service, or requests improvements and repairs, he also offers an opportunity for your company to improve the solution you offer.

How to organize customer requests with this form

In conclusion, the moment everyone was waiting for and what was actually promised at the beginning of this article.

Inefficient customer service processes take more time and energy from your team. Therefore, we brought today a tool that will help you in how to organize customer requests, in a practical and automatic way. Check out the step-by-step below.

Creating your account on the platform

The system we are going to use is Asana, a platform for managing projects, requests, and even feedbacks.

We talked a little more about the system in this article: Organize your team tasks using this tool

So, the first step is to create your account. That is, you need to register your account and try it for free, or choose one of the plans that the platform offers to start improving your processes.

It should be noted that the option to create and send the forms is only available on the paid Asana plan.

Remembering that the platform provides 30 days for free so that you can test the tool before signing one of the plans.

Click here to create your Asana Free Account!

The website is simple and intuitive. As soon as you include your registration data, it will guide you to create your first project.

How to organize requests: learn to create your first form to control customers requests

With your project open, it’s time to create the form to share with your customers. To do this, just click on the menu at the top of the dashboard. Click on “form”, as in the image below:

Asana - creating a Form

If you have chosen to start your free trial, the platform will direct you to choose a plan, or include your payment details for the 30-day trial. This is because the forms are available from the Business plan.

Asana - choose your plan

After confirming the payment details, you will have access to the form.

Therefore, it’s time to create the form according to the needs of your business and share it with your customers.

Whenever a new request arises, just send the shareable link. As soon as the customer completes, a new request will automatically appear on your Asana dashboard.

Finally, learn, in practice, in the video below how to organize customer requests in the class that Mauricio Aizawa prepared for you.

Do you want to organize and control your customer’s requests easily?

Finally, what did you think about this content? How do you usually organize your customer’s requests? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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