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How to organize customer support processes

Do you have difficulties in organizing customer support processes? Do you receive frequent complaints due to this lack of organization and the delay in answering calls? Don’t worry! In this article, you will learn how to organize customer support processes effectively, check it out.

What is customer support?

The customer support system is a place where people can ask questions, make complaints or make suggestions for improvement.

Good customer support can greatly increase consumer satisfaction. And it can help your company stand out in the midst of great market competition.

In this sense, to guarantee a good service, an organized system is needed to avoid communication failures.

Optimize and automate your customer support processes

optimize processes

An excellent customer service values ​​communication and an aligned team. For this, your work team must know exactly that the goal of good service is customer satisfaction.

In addition, having an efficient system that makes it possible to distribute, classify and organize important customer requests is extremely necessary.

After all, if the customer has an issue that requires quick service, but waits a long time before being served, he will certainly be dissatisfied. Consequently, it will bring significant losses to your company.

Therefore, a good attendance management system will eliminate outdated spreadsheets, unnecessary papers and prevent you from including all tickets manually, wasting time.

And everyone knows: in business “time is money”.

Gathering all the information you need for good service, in one place, with easy access and quick recovery of the necessary data is the best way to optimize and automate the customer support processes.

With this in mind, check the next topic about how to organize these processes effectively and intelligently by an easy-to-use app.

How to organize your customer support processes effectively

If you have already researched a customer support system, you know that the market offers numerous solutions to make processes faster and more practical.

But, what I want to offer you today is an effective way to organize your customer support system processes through a single application.

A quick and practical method so that you as an entrepreneur or manager can have a broader view and can assess how the processes are, according to the demand of your business.

This way, you guarantee that no email or support is lost. Consequently, you will be able to serve your customers better.

What is the strategy?

Pipefy is an application for organizing and optimizing processes. With it, you will save time, increase productivity and, never again, delay an important customer ticket.

With the platform, you will manage all your customers’ requests in one place and in an agile way, and with the guarantee of excellent service.

It’s an intuitive and flexible system. You can organize your customer support processes and manually add information, or you can automate to make the processes even easier.

With your support created, delegate requests to the people on the team who are responsible for customer service.

Drag and drop

Easily drag and drop requests across the board. That way, when analyzing, you will have an illustrative view of how customer requests are being answered. As well as, if there are any late calls.

Go through the different stages of the process quickly and efficiently. And with just one click you have access to all information about a specific customer’s request.

Centralizing requests

pipefy - customer support

In addition, another feature of this system is that it’s possible to centralize all requests in one place. By creating your customer support board, you can create a form.

Let’s imagine the following situation: customer “X” sent a request by a message on WhatsApp, and the customer “Y” sent the request through the company’s website.

To centralize all tickets, send the form link to the customer, and as soon as he fills it out, that ticket will automatically open in your customer support board in Pipefy.

This way, you will centralize all requests in one place and you will not need to include all information manually.

In addition, Pipefy allows you to include files in this form. In this sense, the customer can send screenshots, contracts, proposals, and everything that is necessary to efficiently support.

Incredible, isn’t it? 

Email requests are automatically saved in Pipefy

Another amazing feature of this platform is: when registering your support email, it’s possible to automatically save customer request emails in Pipefy.

That is, if you received a support request by email, in a few seconds Pipefy will open a new ticket.

That way, you will never again lose requests or fail to serve a customer due to a lack of organization.

In conclusion, define a service process that does not take unnecessary turns. The central idea is to eliminate unnecessary tasks and promote agility in service.

After all, often what your customer wants is something that can be easily resolved. Therefore, there is no need for too many steps to complete the request.

Learning in practice

What about learning how to organize your customer support processes effectively, and in practice?

This way, just watch the video below and take your notes.

Are you tired to waste time managing information from one system to another? Don’t worry! I have a great solution for you.

Click here and learn how to automate your business processes with Zapier.

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