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Google Drive Tips: How to delete hidden files

If you already use Google Drive to store your personal and professional files, but you’re not sure how to organize to save time and increase productivity, then read on. In this article, we’ll list 3 amazing Google Drive tips to help you how to organize your files. In addition, an incredible tip on how to delete hidden files to gain more storage space. Good reading!

Google Drive exists as an efficient way to access and save files from anywhere, anytime. Whether on a computer or mobile phone, one of the main benefits of the service is the simplicity of archiving documents in the cloud with just a few clicks and with great security.

However, with so much storage space available, storing in an organized and easy to find way should be a habit – one that many people don’t practice. It’s not difficult to lose control of your files in Google Drive and this evil accompanies us since everything was paper stacked on the table.

If you have this problem, don’t worry! You’re in the right place. Check out the Google Drive tips on how to organize and delete files that we’ve separated. This way, you can gain productivity in your routine.

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1. Google Drive tips: Keep your files in folders

Regarding file sizes, Google Drive offers great possibilities, including:

  • Documents of up to 1,020,000 characters.
  • Text documents up to 50 MB.
  • Spreadsheets up to 2,000,000 cells.
  • Presentations up to 100 MB.
  • Other files up to 5 TB.

And the possibilities are even greater when you purchase one of the G Suite plans.

But, with so many possibilities, do you know how to organize your files so that it’s easier to find them later?

The biggest mistake of digital disorganization is loose files. In this sense, to keep your files always in order and easy to find, keep them organized in folders.

Preferably, get a standard template for naming your folders, so the document or that important image will always be at your fingertips.

Google Drive allows you to create as many folders as you want, so use and abuse of this feature.

In addition, if you use the same email to file personal, work, or academic documents, create a general folder for each of the areas and organize your files from those areas.

If you work well with dates, put dates in your folders or years. It’s also an excellent way to organize.

That way, you avoid storing loose work and personal documents in a single folder, at the risk of losing an important file. Or take a long time to find.

To create a new folder and start organizing your files right now, just follow the step-by-step below:

  1. Click “+ New” or just “+” on mobile devices.
Organizing Google Drive - how to create folders 1

2. Choose the “Folder” option.

create folders 2

3. Enter the name of your folder and click save.

Google Drive Tips - create folders 3

These three basic steps are the beginning of an organization that will make your routine even more productive and agile.

2. Use colors to differentiate folders

Yes, assigning colors is an excellent way of organizing. And did you know that it’s possible to organize the folders by colors in Google Drive? That way, you can gain more agility when it comes to finding what you need when determining a new form of organization.

After all, creating captions by color has a similar impact on organizing by subjects when structuring your folders within Google Drive. Moreover, this organizational task can become even simpler.

You can use colors to identify each type of folder, or each area, for example, one color for personal files, another for college documents, and so on. Or you can select different shades of the same color to determine the importance of the archival time of your documents, for example.

To separate your folders by color is very simple. Just right-click on the folder you want to assign a color to. Choose the option “change color”, and then select the color of your choice.

Chance color - Google Drive tips

This way, when placing your eyes on the folders separated by colors, you will not waste time reading what is written in each one. After all, your visual memory will work for you right now, increasing your productivity.

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3. Google Drive tips: Clean your files frequently

In many cases, clutter prevails because of documents or files that we no longer use. That way, whenever possible, clean your files, deleting those that are repeated, or those that are no longer useful.

That way, you avoid that lot of documents that will delay you when it comes to finding the file you need. Not to mention the space that is available for more important files when you maintain organization.

To help you perform the proper cleaning, without running the risk of losing important files, Mauricio Aizawa, a productivity specialist, has prepared an incredible video lesson for you.

In the following video, you will learn how to safely delete your files, how to delete files hidden in your Google Drive, and even how to delete the files in the recycle bin. Check out below:

Properly structuring your Google Drive makes it easy to quickly find the documents you need, increasing productivity.

Plus, with this last Google Drive tip, you’ll never have to worry about storage space again. Certainly, these basic steps will make your routine more agile and efficient.

Calm down, don’t leave yet! We have one more extra tip for you.

Do you want to bring agility to your routine using easy and practical tools?

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Google Drive tips: for a practical routine

Google Drive is a cloud solution that offers all the tools for you to do a lot of work and share important documents with the team. It’s also great for saving local space and having cloud services to organize your work, academic, or even personal environment. The system is intelligent and offers all the features to help productivity and make your routine more practical. With this in mind, we’ve separated some Google Drive tips for you, check it out.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are just some tools offered and available on Google Drive to improve your workflow. But, do you know how to use the tool’s full potential?

So, check out below the best Google Drive tips. This way, you can increase your productivity and bring more practicality and agility to your routine.

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1. Google Drive tips: Work Offline

The first tip is the most important, especially for professionals who always need to travel with their computers. Don’t let the lack of internet in the place prevent you from editing and creating files in Google Docs.

To activate this option, simply add the extension “Google Docs Offline”. Then just go to the document, access the option “file”> “make it available offline”. The document will ask you to update the page, and second, your file will be available for consultation and editing in offline mode.

Google Docs Offline - Extensions - Tip 1

2. Team collaboration

Do you have a job at school or college? Need to share a spreadsheet with your work team? Google Drive offers you this possibility.

Through the system, it’s possible to share a file with up to 50 people, so that they can edit at the same time.

No more losing the original file and start organizing to increase productivity and provide staff with more practicality.

To do this, just share your file by email. Moreover, to prevent the file from being lost, or shared externally, when sending, just uncheck the option “Editors can change permissions and share”. Very simple, isn’t it?

This is one of the most amazing Google Drive tips for professionals who constantly need to work as a team.

3. Download the app to make your routine easier

Using the Google Drive app is also great. The app offers the possibility to edit and create documents even without the need for a computer. This feature is ideal for editing files faster or sharing documents urgently.

Another interesting function is the possibility of taking a photo of a text, uploading the photo to Drive, and it will transform the letters in the image into a text file.

4. Speak instead of typing

Have you ever thought about transcribing a meeting?

Certainly, you speak faster than you type. So, have you considered using the Google Drive voice tool?

To activate the function, just go to “tools”, then “voice typing”. You can also choose the language in which you intend to dictate.

You will be amazed at the quality of the transcript.

Google Drive tips - 4

5. Google Drive tips: Cut videos within presentations

Do you have an important presentation at school or at work to do? Want to present an interesting video to illustrate your speech, but don’t want to present the entire video?

Don’t worry. Because one of the most surprising tools of Google Slides is the possibility to cut YouTube videos within the presentation.

To do this, just follow the step-by-step below:

  1. Add the video to the slide you want.
  2. Right-click on the video.
  3. Choose “Formatting Options”.
  4. Automatically the Video Playback settings will appear on the right.
  5. Finally, enter the beginning and end of the section you want to present.
Google Drive tips - 5

6. Google Drive tips: Translation feature

Did you receive that incredible material in another language? Are you searching for important work, and have you found foreign materials?

Don’t worry, this is one of the most interesting Google Drive tips, especially for those who work with content, or for students.

Just save the file in Drive, open the document, go to tools, then just select “translate a document”, and the option will appear for you to create a copy of the translated document. Incredible, isn’t it?

7. Ensure security when sharing documents

Last but not least, this tip is for professionals who need to share documents with the team or with customers and want to ensure the security of this document.

Everyone knows that you can share any document, even a document folder, via the shareable link. What everyone also knows is that through the link, the person receiving the document is able to not only edit and share with others but also make a copy of the entire document.

Thus, to ensure the security of your document, Mauricio Aizawa brings two Google Drive tips that are incredible.

One for sharing, and the other for deadlines for shared documents. Learn in the following video, practically.

Finally, what did you think about this content? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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Finally, knowledge doesn’t stop here

Do you want to increase your Productivity and Organize your Personal and Business Routine using practical routines and templates?

Moreover, what about learning the essentials components to set a productivity routine? In other words, is the same techniques that help me to increase my productivity and bring efficiency to my days.

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