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Google Drive: How to backup your files

If you work online, you’ve probably heard about Google Drive and its many archiving possibilities. It’s an incredible tool used by thousands of people around the world. However, as with all technological innovations, it’s necessary to know how to use the tool correctly to avoid some errors, such as losing your files, for example.

With this in mind, we have prepared this tutorial to teach you how to back up your files correctly and safely. Thus, avoiding losing important documents and files for the functioning of your work. Check below.

Understanding Google Drive

Google Drive

Before you understand how backup works, do you know exactly what Drive is and how to use it?

Drive is Google’s cloud solution that offers a variety of tools to make your routine and your team’s routine easier.

In summary, the document (Docs), spreadsheets (Sheets), and Presentations (Slides) are part of Google Drive, which have evolved to offer the public the best online productivity tools.

They are efficient and allow you to easily create and edit documents from any computer, even your mobile phone. All you need is a Gmail account – free or paid.

Drive is completely secure. And because it’s in the cloud, it automatically saves your files while you’re editing. That is, if you ever lose your internet connection, you will not risk losing your document.

Certainly, Google’s tools are powerful. They have thousands of users due to the countless possibilities it offers its users.

However, few people know everything the company has to offer. Among them, the possibility of installing an application from the company itself to synchronize documents and files automatically to a computer.

Want to understand more about this synchronization? Keep reading.

Google Drive: how to sync files to your computer?

Do you want more efficiency and productivity to your routine? If you use Google Drive or Google Docs a lot, be aware that documents saved in the cloud can be automatically synced to your computer.

The application used to perform the synchronization and backup is from Google. See how simple it’s in just two steps:

  • Open the backup home page, allow the download, and install the Backup and Sync application.
Backup and Sync
  • Follow the directions and perform local sync with Google Drive.

That way, you ensure that all files created in Google Docs are automatically synced to your computer. That is, you have a replica to access at any time and from anywhere.

The advantage is that if you need to make a presentation, or need to open a file somewhere that does not have access to the internet, with the file synchronized on your computer, you can open and access it in a few seconds.

Another feature is that, through settings, if you save a PDF file, for example, on your computer, your document will automatically be stored in the cloud.

In addition, on your computer, synchronization will follow the same structure that you created in Google Drive to organize your files.

However, despite so many benefits, it’s necessary to take some precautions when performing the backup so as not to lose your files. Check out the next topic.

Don’t make this mistake when backing up

How to backup your files

Even with all the possibilities that the tool offers, it’s necessary to be careful with the files created on the Google Docs page, which require attention when performing the backup.

For example, you created a document with all your customer data in a spreadsheet, and it was automatically saved to Google Drive. When accessing your sheet on the web you can see all the edits made by you, as well as all the information in the document.

However, if you go to the computer to access the same file, your file will not necessarily be complete.

After all, you may have subsequently accessed and edited your spreadsheet from another computer. Or you have allowed someone else, in another location, to edit and include the data in the spreadsheet. This way, the final document is only accessed through Google Drive, with your Gmail account. What you have on your computer is just a link.

So pay close attention to what you are going to read next.

When backing up your documents, there is no point in saving just the file on your computer, and deleting what is saved in Drive.

This is the mistake you should not make. Because this action can make you lose important information to do your job.

Then what should I do to backup the drive?

Surely, you must be asking yourself: I need to make a backup, if I can’t save the file that is on my computer, what should I do, anyway?

To perform the backup, you can perform it in two ways.

The first is going to the file and download it manually. And the second way is through the Google Takeout tool that allows you to save a copy of your documents and then perform the backup.

How about learning this whole tutorial in a visual and practical way? Watch the video below and absorb this knowledge even more so that you don’t make the mistake.

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