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Increase productivity in meetings using Evernote

With an agenda in your hands, you arrive at the meeting ready to contribute and make the meeting faster and more objective. Thus, we will show in this article how to increase productivity in meetings using Evernote. As well as listing the benefits of using the system for this purpose. Keep reading to learn.

Advantages of using Evernote in meetings

increase productivity in meetings using Evernote

Evernote’s main objective is to increase productivity by making important information available intuitively on your computer or mobile devices. In addition, it allows this information to be accessed anytime and anywhere practically.

This way, it’s seen as a smart system that can make your meetings faster and more efficient.

Check below the main advantages of using Evernote to increase productivity in meetings.

1. Access guidelines and notes anywhere

Most people like post-its and go out and write down important information on colored papers.

However, you can’t go out carrying post-its anywhere and risk losing some information.

This is where Evernote comes into play.

It can be accessed anytime and anywhere, whether, on a desktop computer or a mobile device, your meeting minutes, or your calendar will always be with you.

In addition, it has an automatic synchronization even in offline mode, so you will never lose your notes, even if you don’t have internet access at the time of the meeting.

So, the whole process of writing, finding, selecting, and learning information is much easier with Evernote.

2. Duplicate notes to increase productivity in meetings

Creating templates and duplicating notes is one of Evernote’s many features.

So it is possible to create meeting minutes templates or calendar templates and duplicate notes so that you can save time and do not have to create everything again.

You will only have the job of filling in the important information as the meeting progresses.

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3. Create calendars

Finally, use Evernote to create detailed meeting schedules, making sure that each topic is dealt with in a timely manner.

So you avoid wear and tear and eliminate endless meetings.

In this agenda, you can include the objectives of the meeting, the time needed for each of the subjects to be addressed, a checklist with the points of discussion, as well as those responsible for each of the subjects, and a field for general notes.

In the next topic, check three tips about how to increase productivity in meetings using the app and making your meetings faster.

How to increase productivity in meetings using Evernote

With all the benefits that the application can provide, taking notes has become simpler and easier.

Next, check out three tips on how to increase meeting productivity using Evernote.

1. Get the meeting agenda ready to increase productivity in meetings

Many of the meetings require you and your team to discuss project details, important documents, financial data, or effective human resource management.

Usually, these details need to be planned so that everything is discussed in order to resolve any doubts or errors in the processes.

Therefore, before the meeting, leave the agenda prepared to facilitate and make the meeting objective, avoiding losing focus on matters that can be discussed at another time.

Check out a template below.

meeting notes

Create a template that makes sense to you and your team or customers, and include the information as the meeting progresses.

2. Include attachments in your notes

Documents, audios, images. Any file item can be attached to your meeting note.

It means that if you have a contract signed at the meeting, after being signed, you can scan the document and include it in the meeting note, so whenever you need to review or consult any information, you will know how to find it quickly.

Another facility is to record audios.

evernote digital notes

Ask permission from the meeting members and record the entire meeting so that it is easier to remember the details later, or consult some important information.

To do this, just open the note that you want to include the audio, click on the clip at the top of the note, and then “record audio” or “file audio”.

3. Share your notes with the team

Meeting held, it’s time to share the information with the team so that everyone is aware of what was discussed, whether they are or not in the meeting.

To do this, just open the meeting note and click on “share”.

You can email your note link to team members, or simply invite people to access the note.

Very simple, isn’t it?

Use Evernote to increase productivity in meetings at all times

Evernote can be a great ally and can help you not only to increase productivity but also to manage your time more effectively.

Before the meeting

Create a meeting agenda in minutes, share the information with all participants before the meeting begins.

That way everyone will be aware of the issues that need to be addressed.

Besides, it’s possible to place attachments that need to check before the meeting by the members.

You can also include these attachments and share them in a practical way.

During the meeting 

Choose a person to take notes of the meeting. If applicable, scan and include important documents.

They can be made in the application itself, or in the notebook and then scan these notes with a few clicks.

In addition, when determining the tasks, choose those responsible for each task and a date for the execution, as well as delivery deadlines.

An interesting feature is that it’s possible to add reminders that will be sent to each of those involved.

After the meeting

After the meeting is held, each member is responsible for fulfilling their tasks and checking the checklist as soon as they finish.

In this way, it’s easier to monitor the progress of the processes and also leave everything noted for the next performance monitoring meeting and possible decision making.

Finally, learn in practice how to increase productivity in meetings using Evernote in the video below:

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