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Organize your documents using this curious technique

Do you have difficulties in filing your documents in an organized way? Or, do you think it is difficult to find a document every time you need it? In this article, we will focus on how you can organize your documents, contracts, or any important file using a practical and quick technique. Check it out below.

Organize your documents: know the importance

set a productivity routine

Performing efficient document management is essential not only to facilitate the routine of a company but also to help you in your personal or academic life.

We accumulate documents with some frequency. Some of them can be discarded after a while, others are necessary to file correctly for eventual consultations.

And everyone knows that, with the lack of organization, how exhausting it is to go through all the folders – digital or physical – in search of an important document.

Therefore, document management is present as an administrative tool to facilitate both company processes and anyone’s personal routine.

It’s a set of techniques and procedures that allow you to organize and store your documents safely, enabling their quick location and correct disposal, in accordance with current legislation.

In addition to these benefits, good document and contract management can bring numerous benefits. Check out below some of them.

Finding what you need, when you need it

how to organize your documents and contracts

There is nothing worse than wasting time and energy looking for something that should be at your fingertips.

So when you organize your documents in one place, you know exactly what to look for and how to look, making your routine more productive.

Save physical space

In the course of our life or the progress of the company’s processes, we have accumulated a huge amount of papers. And thanks to technology, today, you are able to carry out a practical and secure digital storage to organize your documents.

Thus, saving physical spaces that can be used for other more important functions in the company, or even in your home.

So, select a day to separate the files. Check what can be digitized, and what you need to keep in physical format, as well as what can be discarded. And do this cleaning on your files.

With an organized space, your mind will also work in an organized way, and you have an extra gain.

Information security and confidentiality

When choosing a smart system to organize your documents, you will have the security and confidentiality of information. After all, when you register on any platform, you include your passwords and guarantee that no documents will be lost or breached.

This strategy is important, especially if you will use document management to organize your professional routine.

Time optimization and increased productivity

When you have all your documents organized in a single environment, you increase your productivity and optimize time. Because you know that you will find what you need more easily.

Organize your documents using this curious technique

When choosing the best platform to organize and manage your documents, you can evaluate the one with the best cost-benefit and with a simple and intuitive interface, to make your routine even more practical.

Today, the market offers a huge variety of management tools for you to organize your documents efficiently and with security, ensuring that you can find what you need and when you need it.

What we are going to present to you today is Evernote. A secure data repository that will enable you to organize and record all information quickly and all in one place. Thus, check below all the possibilities of this tool.

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Define notebooks and tags by themes to organize your documents


To make it easier and faster, archive your documents in a segmented way and divide them into specific notebooks according to the theme, categorize each file using the tags that Evernote provides. That way, you’ll know where and how to find it more easily.

If your documents are very messy and you don’t have the time you need to scan them, or archive them, take a few minutes of the day to do it little by little. And when you imagine it, everything is already organized in one platform.

Create a document template and send it to everyone involved


In case you are thinking about implementing document management in your company, what will facilitate and a lot of teamwork is to create models and make available to all involved.

Evernote itself allows you to invite members to edit the files on your account.

So, if you have to fill out a common document for all customers, leave the document already saved in an Evernote note, and when you need to use it, just copy the template to another note and edit. Thus, you create an agile tool for one of your company’s processes and maintain the organization of your documents.

Create a routine and organize your documents

After sorting, scanning, and organizing your documents, create a routine so that at the end of the day, or at the beginning of the next day, you can archive all the documents accumulated throughout the day.

This way, you will create a routine of organization and never have to worry about the mess again.

Search your documents easily using this tool


In Evernote, both in the free and paid versions, it’s possible to locate a document from the tag included at the time the document was archived.

For example: include the word “invoices” in the search tool and all files categorized with this keyword will appear.

To further refine your search, also include the word “receipts”, and you will have your specific file in minutes.

In addition, in the Premium version, Evernote makes it possible to search within documents. Therefore, whenever you need to consult a contract clause, for example, just include the keyword in the search tool, and Evernote will retrieve the document in seconds.

Finally, to further facilitate your learning, watch below a video where, Mauricio Aizawa teaches, in practice, how to organize your documents and contracts with this technique. He also teaches you how to save a new file from notes, within Evernote.

In conclusion, how about creating a free Evernote account and start organizing your documents right now? 

Finally, what did you think about this content? How do you usually organize your documents? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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Evernote: Organize your Paper Notes Effectively

Do you have the habit of taking notes on paper? If so, do you know how to find the information you need, and when you need it? In this article, we will teach you how to organize your paper notes efficiently using Evernote. Keep reading to check out our tips and good reading!

Advantages of using Evernote to organize paper notes

Evernote benefits

Evernote is an efficient app of digital notes and organizing.

If you’re still the type who always carries a notebook in hand, don’t worry! You can join the technology and use it to your advantage.

So, check below the main advantages of using Evernote to organize your paper notes.

1. Your paper notes always in your hand

Whether on your phone or computer, your notes will always be with you.

That is, save important notes anywhere and anytime in Evernote. Never lose your ideas.

Best of all, Evernote automatically saves your notes on all devices. 

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2. Save whatever you want

Not only can ideas be saved, Evernote offers countless uses, you just need a little creativity.

For example, you have a notebook with notes from a college subject that you need to have access to frequently.

That way, pass all that information from your notebook to Evernote in a few seconds. Simply scan your notebook sheet, or include a photo of your paper notes.

3. Emotional memories

Do you want to save the first time your child wrote his name? You can archive it in Evernote.

But, how?

Take a picture of your child writing down the word and save it to Evernote along with the scanned sheet of paper he wrote the name.

And eternize that moment in a simple way.

This is just one of the incredible possibilities that Evernote offers.

Save what you want, use your imagination and consider your needs.

Next, check out practical tips about how to organize your paper notes with Evernote.

How to organize paper notes with Evernote?

paper notes with Evernote

Evernote offers numerous possibilities for archiving and organizing important information. So, you can find a note in a practical and fast way with just a few clicks on your cell phone or computer.

In this sense, we brought a few tips to help you organize your paper notes and make your routine more productive and efficient. Check it out below.

Make your studies easier

In a class, save important notes from the subject or record audios from the teacher’s explanations to recap and study for the final exams.

Do this full time, and never fail to write down any important information in class.

To do this, just open Evernote in the “Studies” section, for example, and create a specific note for each subject. You can include tags with the name of these subjects and specific dates so that it’s easier to find later.

On your cell phone, to create a new note, just click “+”. On the computer, just go to the menu on the left and click on “+ new note”. And choose whether to take a photo of your manual notes or record audio of the subject.

Very simple, isn’t it?

Another possibility is sharing the notes with your friends.

Did you make all the notes and want to share it with that friend of yours who missed class? It’s very simple, just click on the share icon, as in the image below, and send your notes by email.

share notes with a friend

Take manual notes with Evernote

With the advancement of technology, we hardly put a paper and a pen in our backpack to go out.

So, imagine the following situation: you received a call for a job interview, you are in a hurry, with no internet access at the moment and don’t find a paper to write down the address or who to look for.

Very simple: open the application, click on “+” to create a new note, and manually write down the address and the name of the person responsible for your job interview.

Check out the image below.

paper notes with Evernote

Save your paper notes inspirations

It’s very common to find people who like to write and prefer paper notes. However, it’s not always possible to carry the notebook everywhere.

In contrast, the cell phone is always with us. And if you are that person, always take pictures of your paper notes, and archive it on Evernote, so you can continue the idea or the text where you left off, without losing inspiration.

Archive your diaries

Do you like the good old diary to write down about your days? Or simply to clear the mind of so much information that you receive every day?

Many people still use the diary even as a way to record their eating habits in a weight loss program, for example.

This way, Evernote is an excellent app to archive your diaries, and you can keep it on file safely. So, you can access it at any time and everywhere.

To do this, just take a photo or scan the pages of your diaries. That way, as soon as the notebook sheets run out, you don’t have to leave them accumulating dust and taking up space, as all the information will be on Evernote, ready to be consulted at any time.

Collect recipes

cookbook in Evernote

In conclusion, do you want to share that old cookbook with a friend? Scan your favorite recipes in a note, inside the recipe book on Evernote, and share it quickly.

With that, you not only share but also always have the recipe in your hands when you need it, anywhere.

Add notes and tags for different recipes like cakes, pies, bread, and others. So, when you need to consult a recipe specifically, just search with the corresponding keyword and it will be there.

Incredible and simple like that!

Do you want to learn, in practice, how to organize your paper notes effectively with Evernote? So, watch the video below.

Finally, what about learning the essentials components to set a productivity routine using Google Calendar, Evernote and Calendly?

We can help you! Click here to know more.

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Google Calendar: the best option for you company

In a completely updated world, many companies invest in technology to automate processes. In this sense, find out why Google Calendar is the best online calendar option for your company. With it, you can optimize tasks and improve your productivity in a practical and fast way. Continue to read to find out.

What is Google Calendar?

increase productivity

Google Calendar is a practical calendar developed by Google. It’s free and available both in the web version and for Android and iOS apps.

If you have a Google account, you can use Google Calendar for free, just access the web or mobile version and log into your account.

Google Calendar allows the user to create and edit events, appointment reminders, and even share your calendar with the team or with friends quickly.

With Google Calendar you can work even offline. That is, respond to invitations even without the internet and as soon as you are connected it will automatically synchronize, sending the response to the respective recipients.

You can also receive event notifications via email or mobile. It was created to optimize and facilitate your day. And so that you never forget an important appointment with family or friends.

Thus, check below the reasons why you should use Google Calendar to optimize the processes of your company and make your work-life business more productive.

5 reasons to bet on Google Calendar for your company’s organization

Created to make your life more practical, it has emerged as a proposal for effective organization, both for your professional life, as well as for your personal daily activities.

And now that you already know what Google Calendar is, check out how it can help you to organize your company, and also keep the whole team informed about the progress of important projects.

1. Handle in a practical and easy way

Its interface is everything you expect from Google: practical and easy to handle.

Google Calendar was designed to deliver simple and easy resources, where you or your secretary, for example, can feed it without much effort and always keep the organization of the company’s appointments.

To create a new event or appointment, just click on “+ create”, then add a title and time. You can also add guests, locations, and event description. All this in a very simple way, as in the image below.

how to create an event with Google Calendar

2. Increase your productivity with Google Calendar

In immediate times, all that a good businessman looks for is practicality. Time is valuable and you need to take advantage of every moment to achieve goals and perform daily tasks.

Controlling activities and doing good time management to increase productivity has been valuable for most businessmen. And with Google Calendar you can manage time efficiently for your business in minutes.

Don’t waste any more time trying to organize everything in a notepad, or forgetting your agenda at home or in a client’s meeting room.

Google Calendar has the function of synchronizing on more than one device, so your calendar will always be with you and ready to receive new events and new notes.

In addition, another important feature that can help you increase productivity is that you can define each event in color, allowing you to see your priorities in greater detail.

3. Keep the team informed

This is one of the most amazing features and one that gains thousands of users. With Google Calendar, you can share calendar events with the entire team to keep them always informed about the company’s projects.

Another advantage is to make available hours on your calendar so that employees can schedule meetings with you, without having to call you all the time.

Through the app, you can also invite the team to meetings and receive confirmation.

Incredible and practical, isn’t it?

4. Multiple calendar

Sometimes it is easier to create a calendar for the company projects and another for personal projects.

When you share a calendar, the team is unable to access your personal agenda. You can set up to share your calendar so that only the information you want others to see appears, so you keep your calendar private.

To add a new calendar, just click on “other calendars +” and then “create a new calendar”. You can add a title, a description, and even change the time zone. Check out the image below.

how to create a new calendar with Google Calendar

5. Manage projects

Finally, with Google Calendar you can manage projects and share with your team, in addition to having a broad view of your team’s performance, you keep the steps more organized.

But how do I do this?

To make it easier, you can create an event for each step, or for each task in the project. You can invite the person responsible for the task to this event, add and set a deadline and then share it with all team members. This way, everyone can monitor the progress of the project.

Thus, you eliminate unnecessary meetings and increase the productivity of the entire team.

In conclusion, Google Calendar is the best way to organize company events, appointments, and projects in a shared way, all in one place.

This goes for both: personal and professional life. After all, personal life requires planning and organizing goals, whether for private meetings or important college events, this resource stores all information securely.

It is not much different with professional life, which requires planning and organization from the businessman. The calendar will help in meeting goals and also facilitate contact with a partner or with your team.

Do you want to organize your routine in a practical and effective way using Google Calendar? Click here.

What did you think of this content? Leave it in the comments if you already know Google Calendar and share your tips with others.

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