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Zapier: Streamline business processes

Systems can positively influence the success of your business. Much has been said about process automation, and Zapier is an intelligent system that has several advantages, including streamline business processes and making your organization more productive and focused on results. That way, we will describe in this article how you can simplify the processes to achieve the company’s goals effectively.

Why use Zapier to streamline business processes?


Currently, the market has been looking for specialist system options and focused on solving specific company problems. And that makes each department demand a specific system, and with that, the need arises to make the intelligent integration between these systems.

Therefore, Zapier is seen as this solution to intelligently integrate all systems, simplifying your company’s business processes.

With this system, you can organize company processes and integrate data from one tool to the other in a safe, fast and easy way.

And the benefits are many.

Click here and read in this article what is Zapier and what are the advantages of using the system to automate processes.

5 tips to streamline business processes using Zapier

Now that you know why to invest in Zapier to streamline business processes, check out five practical tips on how to use Zapier for that purpose.

As a result, you will be able to increase productivity, reduce costs and resources, as well as gain customers who are always satisfied with the results.

1. Automatically export customers or attendees to Google Sheets

Zapier integration

If you deal with many customers daily or deal with events and need to find a way to control participants in a practical and automatic way, but you don’t know how don’t worry! You can do this with Zapier.

In the first situation, let’s imagine that you are a marketer, or work with sales and need an application to increase traffic, generate more leads and, consequently, more sales opportunities.

Therefore, you can use HubSpot for this purpose, and automatically integrate data into Google Sheets, making processes more agile.

Zapier connects to HubSpot. So when there is a new contact or a new email in HubSpot, it will trigger, and automatically that contact will go to Google Sheets.

In the second situation, let’s imagine that you are an event organizer and need to automate the names of participants who buy tickets for a specific event on Google Sheets.

In this case, when creating a new Zap, you can enter the names in this spreadsheet as tickets are purchased at Eventbrite, for example.

Ticket purchase is a trigger, making Zap automatically integrate the participant’s contact information into your spreadsheet.

So, this will save time, as you don’t have to include names manually every time you sell a ticket. And more, you can avoid mistakes and eliminate unnecessary tasks and with a high chance of errors.

That is, this possibility streamlines business processes.

2. Keep your CRM always up to date

If you use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to organize your customers, create a Zap to automatically integrate new customers for the CRM service you use in your company.

Zapier has compatibility with the following applications: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Capsule, CRM, Streak, RD Station, among others.

Thus, with all your customer data gathered in your CRM, you can have a broad view, and you can consult this data more easily when you need it.

You can see, for example, how many people have purchased a certain product or purchased a particular service.

3. Improve your email marketing strategy

streamline business processes with Zapier

Whenever a new visitor to your site signs up, their email address will automatically be added to your database.

For this, you can connect the data of the platform you use to capture leads to the email marketing sending platform, MailChimp, for example.

You can also configure Zap to include the email address in a specific contact list.

This way, you can automate and streamline the processes of sending email marketing, and send campaigns to specific customers.

4. Create tasks and checklists from notes to streamline business processes

Another feature of Zapier is the possibility of integrating project management software with a note app.

If you use project management software to monitor the development of your team and organize tasks, it’s possible to streamline business processes with Zapier.

But how is it possible?

Create tasks and control your workflow with Asana automatically from new notes. And add reminders in Evernote to meet deadlines exactly.

Zapier is also compatible with other project management and communication apps such as Trello, Gmail, Twist, Jira, Salesforce, and many others.

5. Automate customer feedback collection

One of the countless ways to use Zapier to facilitate business processes is to automate customer feedback.

For this, you can use Google Forms. With it, you can create forms of specific products or services to collect customer feedback. That way you can always improve your business strategies.

In addition, you can integrate Google Forms with ActiveCampaign to send automatic thank you emails. You can even send sales emails, creating specific campaigns for customers who have purchased your product or service.

This integration is also possible with Google Sheets. From this integration, you can create metrics for evaluations and promote improvements in your business.

Learn in the video below how to carry out this process in practice.

Finally, Zapier is capable of integrating more than 2000 applications, with numerous automation possibilities to facilitate business processes.

And if you need help to streamline your processes using Zapier, you can count with our help

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