What is productivity? A practical guide

Productivity is not about working hard, having influence, not even with the number of employees you have in your company. Productivity is about how each person manages their own time, performing a certain amount of quality activities. Therefore, we have prepared this practical guide explaining what productivity is and how to increase it through simple and effective tips. Check it out!

In the business world, time is the scarcest and most valuable resource. And the truth is that everyone has the same 24 hours to fill every day.

The difference is that not everyone knows how to manage this time to be able to perform all tasks, and still take the necessary breaks for the body and mind to rest, thus preserving physical and mental health.

First, knowing how to use time correctly is the best strategy to become more productive. But, before knowing how to be more productive, let’s understand what productivity is.

What is productivity?

production versus productivity

Anyone who has a business or company knows that having good levels of productivity at work, and investing in motivated and productive employees is essential to succeed and increase results. However, to find out how you can increase productivity, you need to understand what it means.

The first step is to differentiate production productivity:


It’s the volume of what is produced, that is, the quantity. For a clothing manufacturer, for example, production concerns the largest number of items to produce in the least possible time.

The production is to take all the materials and turn them into the final product, thinking only about what to do, not how to do it.


Productivity is thinking about how to do it. While production is related to quantity, productivity is related to the quality of what is produced. Those who produce a lot are not always productive.

In addition, productivity is directly related to improvements and growth for the company. It’s the way to manage time well and use the appropriate resources to facilitate production. Thus, by using the necessary tools, within an effective strategy, you can – as a consequence – produce more in less time.

In short, productivity is the ability to do more in less time, without losing quality. That is, it’s being efficient and carrying out a task with as little effort, time, or money as possible. Manage resources so that there is no unnecessary loss or waste.

Productivity can also be defined as a way of measuring efficiency. It’s prioritizing certain activities and choosing the right ways to perform the right tasks. And back to that question about preserving physical and mental health, Tony Robbins (an American author) believes that productivity focuses on the ways in which people can better manage their lives so that they have more time.

In this context, productivity can also be related to the quality of life, even in the business world.

Finally, with all these concepts in mind, check out the following topic for practical and quick tips on how to be productive.

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How to become more productive?

what is productivity and how to become more productive

Now that you know what productivity is, understand the difference between producing and being productive, you must be asking yourself: but, how to become more productive?

There are no rules or a magic formula, everything will depend on the resources you have at hand and the way you work. The same goes for a large company. Increasing productivity requires study, planning, and practice.

But, some tips are important to help you with this process. Check it out:

Make productivity a habit

First, turning productivity into a habit can help you achieve excellent results. For, like any other change in your life, productivity requires effort, constancy, and work on your part. Only then will you be able to understand how your routine works and what are the best strategies to better manage your time.

Whether through task lists, or setting priorities through an agenda, you need to develop a habit that will make you more productive. The resources are numerous, and as has been said, there is no cake recipe to follow.

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Cut your to-do list in half

It’s very common to create huge lists, and when the end of the day comes, you have the feeling of having done almost nothing. This is because you are probably wanting to do more than you really need or achieve.

Being bogged down with demands and tasks doesn’t mean having more productivity. On the contrary, having a countless list of tasks means being busy. And the busier you are, the more it shows that you don’t know how to manage your time efficiently. Chances are you will be stressed and frustrated about not being able to handle everything.

So cut your to-do list – preferably – in half. Before building your list, define what are the priorities? What needs to be done until a certain time?

Always prioritize, and if you have time left, move on to less important activities. After all, we are not production machines and we cannot spend an entire day with the same level of concentration. So when you feel your body or mind needs a break, respect it.

Pausing during the day will help to relieve stress to return with more concentration. And don’t feel guilty about taking breaks during the day. They are necessary and can help you to be more productive.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks

How to become more productive

In conclusion, productivity is also related to the way you carry out activities. Often, you have a huge list of tasks, producing all day with the feeling that you are not getting results.

So in addition to cutting your to-do list in half, it’s important to understand whether the tasks you are doing will work well.

To help you in this process you can use the 80/20 rule. Only 20% of what you do every day produces 80% of your results. So, eliminate the things that aren’t important during the day. Moreover, learn how to divide a large project into stages and try to automate repetitive tasks.

Finally, what about learning to increase your Productivity and Organize your Personal and Business Routine, in a practical and easy way?

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