G Suite: tips for your business

With G Suite you offer better experiences for your team of employees, add value, and increase productivity. So, check out in this article what is the G Suite, what are its main advantages and tips to optimize and standardize the company’s processes in a practical and fast way.

But, what is G Suite?

whats is G Suite

G Suite is a corporate package from Google, which provides excellent resources and tools to organize and optimize company processes so that you can integrate it with your computer, mobile phone, and tablet.

It’s an effective tool for micro entrepreneurs, professionals and even small, medium and large companies looking for an information technology structure to optimize company processes.

G Suite is a Google solution, with numerous possibilities, including the removal of ads, leaving your work environment even more professional and without distractions. In addition, it allows access to specific resources for employee management and data protection.

Among the features that G Suite offers are: personalized business email; unlimited group email addresses; higher productivity, double the free Gmail storage; removing ads; 24/7 email and phone support; G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, and much more.

Check out in the next topic the main advantages of G Suite.

Advantages of G Suite

G Suite is Google’s solution to bring more practicality and productivity to the company’s routine. Below are the main advantages of this tool, and why you should choose it.

Maximum security

 With G Suite, you benefit from the same infrastructure and security as Google. Data, devices and users are protected, and all of your files are automatically backed up to the cloud. Through G Suite you control everything.

Hold meetings with your team anywhere

Keep your team connected by making quality video conferences, anywhere. No more scheduling meetings only when you are in your office. Meet is included in the G Suite to facilitate teamwork and excellent service with suppliers and customers.

Work efficiently and quickly

With G Suite you can share and collaborate on files in real time, find schedules on the team’s agenda. That is, G Suite enables all the features to increase productivity and achieve excellent results.

Possibility of integration to increase the benefits of G Suite

With G Suite it is possible to integrate with other productivity and organization applications. So, you work on different platforms without necessarily leaving G Suite.

Tips to increase productivity with G Suite

Some features of G Suite are great for you who want to increase team productivity and standardize routines so that functions are performed more quickly and with quality.

So, check out below the main features of G Suite.

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1. Google Drive


With Google Drive, you can safely store your files in the cloud and access them anytime and anywhere. You can also manage the users with whom you want to share certain documents.

You can share through sharing links to view the file or, in the case of documents in Word and Excel files, for example, it’s possible to share so that more than one person updates at the same time, in real time.

With G Suite, you can keep files private until you decide to share them, grant permission to download, edit, comment, or view. It’s also possible to set an expiration date for shared documents.

So, count on Google’s tool to organize and then find information you need more efficiently and quickly through the search tool.

In addition, when you purchase G Suite Business or Enterprise, you have access to unlimited storage and enough space for all your files.

It’s easy to manage users and file shares through centralized administration and data loss prevention.

Another possibility is to integrate applications into Drive such as DocuSign for electronic signatures or CloudLock to add more security.

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an excellent tool for managing appointments, inviting participants and maintaining an integrated schedule of meetings, tasks and other team functions. In addition, you can integrate activities with Google Drive and other G Suite apps to keep your organization in one place.

Another incredible possibility is the intelligent scheduling of meetings, where there is the possibility of knowing the availability of employees in order to ensure that everyone can participate at a certain time.

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3. G Suite: Gmail

G Suite for business

Gmail is the most used email company, with one of the best interfaces on the market. With G Suite for companies, your team can have a personalized email with your company address (@yourcompany). Thus, you add more professionalism to your brand.

In addition, you have the security and structure of Google, receiving notifications and the opportunity to check emails anywhere, via your mobile phone or laptop.

Find emails in a few seconds using the search tool that Gmail makes available and work faster.

4. Documents, spreadsheets and presentations

With Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides you have the facility of not having to install any application on your computer to use text editors, spreadsheet creators and presentation applications. After all, they are already available in the browser or in the mobile app.

In addition, they are perfect for collaborative work. That is, more than one person can view and edit a document simultaneously, and use the chat tool to organize and coordinate all the work.

5. Google Meet

Communicate securely with your team and from anywhere in the world with Google Meet. Through video calls you keep your employees connected and informed about important project issues.

6. G Suite and Google Keep

Keeping ideas and key information anywhere and at your fingertips is an advantage. With Google Keep you register what is important, increase your productivity and never lose an idea again due to lack of organization.

With this app you can collaborate the notes with the team, edit notes, lists, photos, audio recordings and drawings.

Also, write down the tasks to be performed on a daily basis, share with the team for a more productive routine, and watch the tasks be marked as completed in real time.

You can create and edit notes anywhere, even without an internet connection. And edits are automatically saved and updated on all devices.

With Google Keep, you also keep your ideas organized by categorizing them by color, bookmarks, images, audio notes, reminders. And you can still pin the most important notes at the top of your list.

Never miss deadlines or spend unnecessary time searching for the information you need.

7. Google Forms


Finally, one of the most interesting features of G Suite is the possibility to create forms for the most varied purposes, without any additional cost.

Select one of several question types, drag and drop to reorder questions, customize values ​​as easily as you can create any other document.

With Google Forms you can:

  • Send professional-looking surveys to your customers.
  • Analyze responses with automatic summaries.
  • Share the forms through a link, email, or website.
  • Create smart forms with data validation.
  • Download a spreadsheet with all the data to facilitate the evaluation and create reports.
  • Elaborate questions and analyze the results with the team, among many other resources.

In conclusion, these are just a few possibilities that G Suite offers to make your company’s routine more productive and to achieve excellent results.

What about learning to increase your Productivity and Organize your Personal and Business Routine, in a practical and easy way? 

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