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increase productivity in meetings

Increase productivity in meetings using Evernote 

With an agenda in your hands, you arrive at the meeting ready to contribute and make the meeting faster and more objective. Thus, we will show in this article how to increase productivity in meetings using Evernote. As well as listing the benefits of using the system for this purpose. Keep reading to learn. Advantages […]

Evernote - paper notes or digital notes

Evernote: Paper notes x Digital notes 

Do you want to know a practical, easy, and efficient way to organize your whole life in one place? In this article, we will show you what the advantages of digital notes are for paper notes and how to use Evernote to boost your productivity. All this quickly and available to access anywhere. Check out. […]

what is Zapier

Zapier: what is it and how to use 

Technology is the basis for task automation. With technology, it’s possible to optimize and automate tasks that don’t require any human intervention. Therefore, investing in Zapier can be an excellent strategy to boost your company’s productivity and results. Check out in this article what is Zapier and what are the main benefits. What is Zapier? As technology evolves and the digital market grows, solutions emerge in order to make work processes faster and more dynamic.  In short, entrepreneurs and employees daily deal with […]

process optimization

Process optimization: how to implement? 

Planning and organization are essential tasks to stay focused, increase productivity, and increase a company’s results. For that, process optimization and the promotion of improvements is a necessity and can bring lasting results for your company. So, check out this step-by-step article about how to efficiently implement process optimization in your company. Good reading! Why […]

benefits of standardizing processes

What are the benefits of standardizing processes? 

Standardizing processes is an effective strategy for the company. When correctly implemented, it is able to increase results, improve productivity, and promote the quality of the company’s products or services. So, check out in this article, what is standardization, what are the benefits of process standardization, and how to use technology to your favor. What […]

company productivity using Google Calendar

How to boost productivity using Google Calendar 

Google Calendar is one of the applications included in Google’s corporate package, the G Suite. Created to organize your events and appointments, optimize processes, and keep the team efficiently integrated. So, check out in this article 11 tips about how to boost your productivity using Google Calendar features, and apply to increase your company’s results. […]

Google Calendar: the best option for your company

Google Calendar: the best option for you company 

In a completely updated world, many companies invest in technology to automate processes. In this sense, find out why Google Calendar is the best online calendar option for your company. With it, you can optimize tasks and improve your productivity in a practical and fast way. Continue to read to find out. What is Google […]