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Organize your team tasks using this tool

How do you control and manage your team’s tasks? What tool do you use to measure team performance? Inefficient processes or leaving everything in memory can be a trap. So, check out in this article how you can organize your team tasks with a simple and easy-to-use tool.

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We know that a business requires a lot of care to keep processes running smoothly. We also know that organizing and creating efficient processes is not always an easy task.

What about having in just one system all the tools you need to maintain your team tasks organized?

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This is what we are going to cover in this article: a simple and efficient way to organize and control team tasks. Thus, you increase productivity and save time. This can be spent on activities that require more attention.

Importance of organizing your team tasks

Those who work with project management know that training and investing in the best team, or having the best tools available, is not enough if you don’t have an organized team and good task management.

Decision-making is only possible when you have all the objectives clear, as well as the actions that will be implemented to achieve this objective.

Organizing your team’s tasks is important not only for more efficient decision-making. It’s also important to assess the team’s performance, monitor the progress of the process. That is, which tasks are being performed, which ones have already been carried out, as well as which ones that need to be done.

organize your team tasks

In addition, when you have structured tasks you can see which people on the team are overwhelmed. Who should delegate some tasks, and thus keep the whole process in perfect progress, without running the risk of delaying and causing problems in relation to customers.

This way, here is a list of tips on what to do to keep your team organized:

  • Make a detailed schedule and set deadlines so that the team can be more productive.
  • List the essential tasks for the process to proceed.
  • Make a budget and keep the team informed about this budget. Thus, they will follow the limits and will not risk misusing resources.
  • Distribute functions according to each professional profile.
  • Always work on team communication.
  • Provide feedback and emphasize each other’s responsibilities.
  • Use technology to organize your team tasks and track development.

Using technology to organize your team tasks

With technological innovations, the market is full of tools and systems to help you with this task. The one we are going to present to you today is Asana.

asana free account

This is a software created by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and former engineer Justin Rosenstein, who worked to increase the productivity of Facebook employees.

Available on the web or on mobile devices, its main objective is to assist in project management. With this tool you can keep your team connected anywhere and anytime. In addition, Asana is excellent not only for managing projects, but also for managing activities and performing efficient jobs from start to finish.

An excellent tool for increasing productivity, improving process efficiency, achieving company goals and achieving incredible results.

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Check out the step by step below on how to start using this tool.

First step: creating an account

To create an account on Asana, just click here.

On the home page, click “Try for Free”. You will include your best email to get started. As in the image below.

create an account - Asana

If you have a Gmail account, it will ask you to login with this account. If you have an email in another server, it will ask you to confirm your email.

verify email - Asana

Second step: starting your project

Soon after, you will be instructed to include your information, such as name, what kind of work do you do, what type of management you want with some options to choose from. As well as the name of your first project and the first steps to start organizing tasks.

In addition, you can choose which layout is best for you, based on how you plan to manage your team’s tasks.

layout Asana - organize your team tasks

After including all the information about your first project, Asana will ask you to include emails from the people who will be part of the team and who will help you complete the project.

The platform is very simple and intuitive. Just use a little creativity to organize yourself according to the demands of your team.

How to use Asana to organize your team tasks?

What about learning how to organize your team tasks, in practice? Watch below a video that Mauricio Aizawa prepared for you:

Do you want to organize your team tasks?

Click here and create your Asana account for free

Finally, what did you think about this content? How do you usually organize your team tasks? Leave your opinion in the comments and share this material with your friends.

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